‘Top 50 Albums Of 2013’ Countdown – #4: White Wizzard – The Devils Cut

By Andrew Bansal

Los Angeles-based traditional metal band White Wizzard have had quite a unique year, wherein the first half was amazing and the second half completely fell apart. They started off 2013 with the solidification of perhaps the best five-piece lineup they’ve ever had, with vocalist Joseph Michael and guitarists Will Wallner and Jake Dreyer joining forces with bassist/founding member/principal songwriter Jon Leon and longtime drummer Giovanni Durst. The quintet delivered a studio album called ‘The Devils Cut’ via Earache/Century Media Records in the middle of the year, easily the best set of tunes White Wizzard has released in its career and hands down one of the finest albums of 2013, and looked all set to take the momentum on the road. But during their European headline tour, major internal drama unfolded and the band broke into pieces with Jon Leon once again left as the lone ranger. Despite of all the lineup changes and personality clashes he’s had to face ever since he formed White Wizzard in 2007, Leon never gave up at any point and he doesn’t look like he’s giving up now. He always has been and will be a great songwriter, as is clearly evident from his work on ‘The Devils Cut’, which when perceived objectively is a truly fantastic slab of unadulterated heavy metal. With ‘Forging The Steel’ and ‘Strike The Iron’, the album gets off to an amazing start and with every tune, it brings pure enjoyment to the old-school metalhead. Frontman Joseph Michael does complete justice to every vocal line placed in front of him, and the duo of Will Wallner and Jake Dreyer lay down some exemplary guitar work to go with the seasoned rhythm section of Jon Leon and Gio Durst. The fact that this lineup broke apart is, in all honesty, one of the biggest musical tragedies of the year, but until Jon Leon plots his next move, fans of White Wizzard and traditional heavy metal have ‘The Devils Cut’ to savor for its undeniable brilliance.

Track Listing:
1. Forging The Steel
2. Strike The Iron
3. Kings Of The Highway
4. Lightning In My Hands
5. Steal Your Mind
6. The Devils Cut
7. Torpedo Of Truth
8. Storm Chaser
9. The Sun Also Rises

Duration: 50.2 minutes

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