Album Review: Don Jamieson – Communication Breakdown

By Jaide Alicia

Metal Blade Records has provided us with yet another solid comedy release from former ‘That Metal Show’ host and comedian Don Jamieson. Having seen Don perform live a handful of times, I can say that his stories never get old- be it the infamous Keifer Sutherland story or simply him talking about being inebriated, the laughter just pours in. His new album ‘Communication Breakdown’, slated for release on April 21st, contains perfect 2-4 minute somewhat R-rated comedy bits, and with titles ranging from “Vagina No-No’s” and “Threesome (Almost)”, how can you not want to listen?

Opening the album is a bit about interventions, and how the TV show ‘Intervention’ may need some variations. “There’s other deadly diseases you could have an intervention for, how about chronic masturbation?” says Jamieson, leading into “I masturbated so many times in my shower a baby crawled out of the drain the other day”. Don’s effortlessly funny attitude is prevalent throughout all 13 tracks on the album. Be it the over-sexed jokes, the ones with ‘too much information’ or just recollections of funny stories, Jamieson will leave you in stitches.

Relating to current events, Jamieson speaks upon the legalization of recreational marijuana and jokes about the fact that he is not a weed smoker. On a recent trip to Denver, Don and a friend stop at a dispensary: “I don’t smoke pot so I go in with my buddy, he goes ‘go ahead and buy a bag’- I don’t know what to say to the guy. I go to the counter and I’m like ‘uh yes, please can I have one marijuana?’- so the guy knew I was a pro.” Moving on to even more recent events, Jamieson pokes fun at the recent US presidential election, not leaving either candidate unscathed. Don jokes about Donald Trump’s apparent love for grabbing women’s ‘you-know-what’s’ by saying “…just this week he grabbed Justin Bieber three times’ then continues to mention that he’s “surprised Hillary ran for president” because he “didn’t think her kankles could handle it”.

Halfway through the record, the Keifer Sutherland and six Miller Lights story appears, reminiscent of the time Don met an “ossified drunk” Lost Boy whom he talked to for 45 minutes and has no idea what he said. Don jokingly tells him he wanted “six Miller Lights”, only to be tapped on the shoulder no less than five minutes later to see Keifer Sutherland handing him beers one after the other like “some alcoholic relay race”. Closing out the 13-track album is ‘Johnny Depp’, where he tells the story of the time the “three stooges of heavy metal” met Johnny Depp, and how they did it.

Don Jamieson is right when he says “rockers, we’re the last people in the world who are not PC”. ‘Communication Breakdown’ is hilarious from start to finish, whether Jamieson is saying joke after joke or he’s doing a bit of storytelling with comedy laced over it – there is not a minute that goes by where you won’t find yourself either chuckling or full-out belly laughing.

Rating: 9/10

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Record Label: Metal Blade
Release Date: April 21st 2017

Track Listing:
01. Dave Mustaine Riffs, Intervention, Baby in t… (3:24)
02. Sober, Finger-Banging, Drunk Logic (2:33)
03. Weed, Cigs, Election 2016 (3:51)
04. Kiefer (3:58)
05. Myrtle Beach (3:32)
06. Free Clinic, Raccoons (2:08)
07. Rockers Aren’t P.C. (3:01)
08. Where Have All the Rock Stars Gone? (2:53)
09. Rocking Women, Viking Metal, Big Four (3:11)
10. Vagina No-No’s, Van Fucker, Doggie Style (2:42)
11. Dating at 50, Threesome (Almost) (4:32)
12. Brad & Angelina, Great Head, Mr. Brownstone (2:42)
13. Johnny Depp (4:17)

Total Duration: 42:42

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