Album Review: Lecherous Gaze – One Fifteen

By Doug Walker

Lecherous Gaze came into the world in 2010. Their self description of their style is “Psycho-delic shred-tastic ultra-hyphened rock-punk heavy jams”. It’s best to quote them because there is no better way to put it. They have a unique sound, mixing qualities of many different styles together seamlessly to deliver a high energy rock experience that is, something else. The Gaze is now ready to release its third full-length studio album, ‘One Fifteen’. Continue reading “Album Review: Lecherous Gaze – One Fifteen”

Review: Heavy Temple – Chassit (EP)

By Ryan Falla

Listening to Heavy Temple would lead you to believe this band was born on a planet with a biosphere made of psychedelics and doom; taking a look at their biography and realizing they hail from “Jupiter” only convinces you that Heavy Temple is from out of this world. In reality, Heavy Temple brings their psychedelic stoner doom to you out of Philadelphia, but it doesn’t matter because listening to this record will convince you how far off from this planet Heavy Temple actually is. Continue reading “Review: Heavy Temple – Chassit (EP)”

Review: Accept – Restless & Live (DVD+CD)

By Jaide Alicia

Following Accept’s three latest studio albums featuring vocalist Mark Tornillo, they have decided to deliver to the fans a live Accept experience – a CD/DVD combo titled ‘Restless & Live’. The combo consists of a DVD containing an 18-song set performed at the ‘Bang Your Head!!!’ festival in Germany in 2015, as well as two CDs retaining a total of 27 Accept songs, both old and new, recorded live during the band’s 2015 Europe tour in support of their latest studio album, ‘Blind Rage’. Continue reading “Review: Accept – Restless & Live (DVD+CD)”

Album Review: Emptiness – Not For Music

By Ryan Falla

Experimental black metal band Emptiness make their way back to the front of the scene with the release of ‘Not For Music’, the anticipated follow up to their critically successful 2014 release ‘Nothing But The Whole’. Active since 1998 and based out of Belgium, Emptiness chooses to define black metal with a modern vision that refines traditional black metal, embracing their experimental tag whole-heartedly. ‘Not For Music does something that escapes many bands; giving great care to creating an atmosphere so palpably thick you could suffocate on it. Continue reading “Album Review: Emptiness – Not For Music”

Review: Bill & Phil – Songs Of Darkness And Despair (EP)

By Ryan Falla

With any good side-project, there always comes a bit of history to enjoy the full understanding of the project’s context. Bill & Phil’s ‘Songs of Darkness and Despair’ EP was written, performed, and produced by Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Down) and Stephen “Big Fella” Berrigan (Down, Eyehategod); featuring multiple guest appearances as well as cult horror movie icon Bill Moseley leading the charge as lyricist and singer. You may know Bill Moseley from B-horror movie staples such as ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ and ‘Devils Rejects’ (Otis Driftwood) and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’ (Chop Top), continuing his trend of being the man in front with this project; this time as a singer. Continue reading “Review: Bill & Phil – Songs Of Darkness And Despair (EP)”

Lo-Pan – In Tensions EP

By Ryan Falla

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio; Lo-Pan aims to continue their charge to the forefront of the stoner/desert metal conversation with the release of the EP ‘In Tensions’. Fans of Lo-Pan will remember their last album, ‘Colossus’, as a melodically driven album powered by the vocal presence of Jeff Martin. The band continues the tradition of melodic and vocally focused stoner rock with the release of ‘In Tensions’, bringing a more traditional sound to the genre than one might expect. Continue reading “Lo-Pan – In Tensions EP”