Album Review: Pallbearer – Heartless

By Ryan Falla

Pallbearer, the epic doom-metal group from Arkansas, finally drop their much anticipated third record ‘Heartless’ after the stunning 2014 release ‘Foundations of Burden’. Pallbearer takes a softer metal approach with this record, giving the innately crushing genre of doom metal a far more melodic vibe than the standard “Satan slowly crawling down your throat” approach. Continue reading “Album Review: Pallbearer – Heartless”

Review: He Is Me – Cleansing (Single)

By Andrew Bansal

A two-piece collaboration between a singer-songwriter from Calgary, Alberta (Steve Moore), and a musician/producer based out of Portland, Oregon (Casey Braunger), He Is Me is a true example of the evolution of music in the 21st century, as this kind of long-distance union is now easily achieved. Moore and Braunger’s musical association with each other dates back to 2001, and in 2016 they formed He Is Me as a new project to demonstrate their taste and skill for industrial, ambient modern rock/metal. Whilst they work on their full-length debut album, He Is Me have released a single plus music video called ‘Cleansing’, and give listeners a great glimpse of what to expect from their sparkling collaboration in the near and distant future. Continue reading “Review: He Is Me – Cleansing (Single)”

Album Review: 1476 – Our Season Draws Near

By Ryan Falla

1476 is a heavily experimental metal band from Salem, Massachusetts. Where some bands would root themselves into a couple of sub-genres while taking elements from varied genres to create their musical identifier, 1476 foregoes the typical “genre” build by floating in a sea of fluid waters. Instead of setting you on a specific, foreseeable path, with ‘Our Season Draws Near’ 1476 takes more after white river rafting. It isn’t so much that the album is “never ending ferocity” like many would expect from a metal band; what 1476 brings is a constantly changing, yet fluid piece of work that keeps you on your toes because you genuinely don’t know what’s going to come next. Continue reading “Album Review: 1476 – Our Season Draws Near”

Album Review: Steel Panther – Lower the Bar

By Andrew Bansal

Glam metal comedy/parody kings Steel Panther are veterans in their own right, toiling hard on the Sunset Strip week upon week for several years before breaking through as a global phenomenon. With an unbeatable combination of solid musicianship, skilled lyric writing and immaculate comedic timing, Steel Panther became one of the greatest bands on the planet. They started out as Metal Shop, then became Danger Kitty, then Metal Skool and finally Steel Panther, but the essence of the band remained the same throughout, only their songs and live shows got funnier. On March 2017, they released their new album ‘Lower the Bar’, a collection of 11 brand new songs that further spread their signature gospel of sleazy humor and glam metal. Continue reading “Album Review: Steel Panther – Lower the Bar”

Album Review: Matt Chanway – Self-Titled

By Andrew Bansal

Based out of Vancouver BC, Canadian guitarist Matt Chanway is a member of death/thrash band Assimilation who released their debut full-length in March 2017, but recently, Chanway also worked on his own set of tunes showcasing his guitar prowess, and put out his eponymous debut album. Guitar nerds and prog fanatics, strap yourselves in because this is a wild rollercoaster of an album, and one that firmly puts this guitarist on your radar. Continue reading “Album Review: Matt Chanway – Self-Titled”

Album Review: Equilibrium – Armageddon

By Rosie Walker

Equilibrium is a bright light in the epic European metal scene. Since the band’s humble beginnings in 2001, they have managed to manufacture music that is distinctive and enjoyable. Their newest addition, ’Armageddon’, is the band’s fifth album and surpasses all expectations. Hailing from the Southern regions of Germany, these guys highlight their roots by incorporating the unique German culture into their sound and lyrics. Plus a majority of their songs are sung in German, but you don’t need a translator to enjoy and understand the vibrant, fun music on this new album, which again proves that heavy metal is a universal language. Continue reading “Album Review: Equilibrium – Armageddon”