Album Review: Hate – Tremendum

By Rosie Walker

Founded by guitarist and vocalist Adam Buszko, the Polish band Hate were pioneers in their country’s metal scene. Buszko has seen his project face many trials and triumphs over the years. Yet still manages to make moving music to this day. Moulded together in 1990, Hate continues to convey their extreme signature sound. This ninth release ‘Tremendum’ is inspired by the Latin phrase ‘mysterious tremendum’, meaning ‘mystery that repels’. Known for their provocative lyrics and severe sound, Hate keeps carrying the torch for extreme metal.

Opening song ‘Auric Being’ hits you hard with unequivocal theatrics and emotion. The drums make you march towards a dark door that escorts you into a room full of foreboding. The buildup of the number finally bursts by transforming the piece into a bombastic, almost heinous song that captivates, gripping your senses. Hate is black metal, but with variance and taste. You can hear legends like Kataklsym and Septicflesh in Hate’s provocative yet inviting sound. The production of the album is far beyond average and presents the band in a seriously dynamic way. This well-crafted strain of darkness continues in tracks like ‘Svarog’s Mountain’. Svarog, being an ancient Slavic deity, gives this number an ominous, weighty feel. The band’s ability to draw from mythology and other sources creates a more meaningful, intentional sound.

‘Numinosum’, meaning ‘spiritual’, highlights the direct menacing vocals that connect with the speed of the drums, making each number feel strong, fast, and epic. Songs like ‘Into Burning Gehenna’ and ‘Ghostface’ reveal the real enthusiasm Hate has. The guitars mingle menacing riffs with squealing solos and even deliver some strong melodies. The energy on this 9-track album is relentless, the intensity creeps onto you and doesn’t let go. The enticement of their full, assertive sound keeps you captivated and entertained. The band took on the character of the Berserker with their stamina and crushing sound on each song. There is unforgiving speed and steel slicing through your eardrums.

The last song, ‘Walk Through Fire’ strikes hard with its harsh passion and savage song structure. Hate are agile and equipped to stand strong on the legs of metal. You feel the weight of their sound in the way they play with such ease and elegance while still being frightfully foul. There’s a great variety on this record. The unhindered, unified sound of the band sways through distinctive movements of insight, tragedy and beauty.

Hate dances on the line of black metal and death metal. They know how to be elaborate and dark, but also melodic. Even with the sad passing of their bass player Slawek Arkhangelsky in 2013, the band valiantly continues and is stronger than ever. Being more poignant in their provocative approach on this album causes you to really think and feel. ‘Tremendum’ is a head-bang worthy record that has substance and meat to it. Hate is a hard working band that deserves respect for all they’ve been through and for the ceaseless talent they continue to share. Do yourself a favor and buy this album.

Rating: 9/10

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Record Label: Napalm
Release Date: May 5th 2017

Track Listing:
1. Asuric Being (5:47)
2. Indestructible Pillar (4:22)
3. Svarog’s Mountain (5:05)
4. Numinosum (5:40)
5. Fidelis Ad Mortem (4:55)
6. Into Burning Gehenna (4:24)
7. Sea of Rubble (4:25)
8. Ghostforce (3:58)
9. Walk Through Fire (6:36)

Total Duration: 45:12

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