‘Top 50 Albums Of 2013’ Countdown – #32: SpiralArms – Freedom

By Andrew Bansal

SpiralArms is a hard rock band based out of Northern California’s East Bay area, featuring members of Forbidden, Man Made God and Systematic, including Craig Locicero on guitar. The six-piece group of excellent musicians released their second album ‘Freedom’ earlier this year via SPV/Steamhammer records, a drastically more cohesive and dynamic effort as compared to their debut album, and one that brings forth the undeniable magic of hard rock exactly the way it should be. Boasting of a strong opening tune ‘Dropping Like Flies’ and a diverse set of tunes to follow it, ‘Freedom’ explores the melodic side of hard rock but still manages to keep things rocking. Tim Narducci puts in a fantastic performance on vocals, well backed up by his own guitar and the instrumental layers contributed by his five band mates, and the album’s classic, crisp production style allows the listener to absorb all these layers to the fullest. Launching on the strength of ‘Dropping Like Flies’, Freedom flaunts well-crafted no-bullshit rock tunes like ‘Hold Me To The Sky’, ‘Drugs & Alcohol’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Dream’, along with slow, delightful hard bangers like ‘Dealer’, and the rest of the album displaying the melodic variety of SpiralArms’ musicianship. Good hard rock is extremely difficult to find in these modern times, but with this album, SpiralArms provide a great retreat for fans of the genre. Whether it be for a cruise down the highway or simply for a good time at home, SpiralArms’ Freedom serves as a worthwhile dose of hard rock.

Track Listing:
1. Dropping Like Flies
2. Hold Me To The Sky
3. Exit 63
4. Blackmoon Morning
5. Drugs & Alcohol
6. Dealer
7. Lovers Leap
8. Tomorrow’s Dream
9. Freedom

Duration: 49.3 minutes

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