Album Review: Body Count – Bloodlust

By Doug Walker

Back in the early ’90s, as metal was giving way to grunge a few years before the record industry began to die, Body Count stepped firmly on the scene and delivered a crossover masterpiece like none other with their debut release, featuring seminal hip-hop pioneer Ice T and metal guitar mastermind Ernie C. It was, quite possibly the most definitive and literal example of heavy metal/hip-hop crossover that had come out at the time. This was when music was still “dangerous” and they were in a whirlwind of controversy over their anthem ‘Cop Killer’. I don’t know how to explain it to anyone who didn’t live through it, but they pissed everyone’s parents off more than any other metal band, which made them very easy to love. Throughout their career, they’ve been sporadic with their releases, but the newest one comes a few years from its predecessor and has all the teeth and heaviness you would expect if you had only heard their first album. Continue reading “Album Review: Body Count – Bloodlust”

Album Review: Witherfall – Nocturnes and Requiems

By Rosie Walker

In 2013, Jake Dreyer and Joseph Michael had a vision. Given their experience in projects like Iced Earth and White Wizzard, they wanted to form a metal band, but not just your average sounding, mediocre metal band. Their unique, capable abilities allowed them the possibility of making a heavy, technical metal band with only clean vocals that are still as aggressive as growls. They conceived their project Witherfall and self-released their debut album, ‘Nocturnes and Requiems’, in February 2017. These metalheads are some very patient guys. It took a while for this tight-knit group’s labor of love to see the light of day, but it’s been worth the wait. Life is full of set backs and uncertainties. Everyone is excited the album is finally here, but grievous that it didn’t come out in time for late drummer Adam Sagan to hear it. So, the album has been dedicated to his passing and his amazing contribution to making the album happen. Continue reading “Album Review: Witherfall – Nocturnes and Requiems”

Album Review: John 5 and the Creatures – Season of the Witch

By Ryan Falla

Are you a fan of Liquid Tension Experiment? Steve Vai? Buckethead?

John 5 is, and he shows his affinity for virtuoso jamming in his new solo release ‘Season of the Witch’. John 5, previously of Marilyn Manson and currently of Rob Zombie, puts together a phenomenal body of virtuoso rock. Every track is a guitar led shred fest that quickly builds wildly progressive rhythms for John 5 to lay down his talent on top of. Continue reading “Album Review: John 5 and the Creatures – Season of the Witch”

Album Review: Lock Up – Demonization

By Francisco Zamudio

Be it the norm that though classified as one type of genre, many more modern bands try to be a bit flexible and versatile but fall short. Here we have a better example of a successful hybrid band that is grind with a blackened death metal sound. And given the pre-occupations of each member from a variety of bands, and whether you consider this to be a super-group, side-project or whatever the case may be – this group has not only well received but also consistent in their sound. Fans of grindcore will recognize Shane Embury from Birmingham’s blast giants, Napalm Death. Even more so, the name of Jesse Pintado (RIP) who has left behind a legacy not only with ND, Terrorizer and Brujeria, to name a few – but also with his and Embury’s step-child, Lock Up. Fortunately and unfortunately, grind has never been the same given the short-lived life and career of Pintado who died in 2006, spanning nearly two decades. While he is certainly missed by many throughout the Los Angeles underground and the world, his influence has lived on and given grindcore a growing and changing following. For 30 years, Jesse’s name, along with Shane have become the godfathers of the grind with their influence and unmistakable sound, paving the way for many great bands. Now on their fourth album to date, Lock Up has again brought the dirty raw grittiness in ‘Demonization’ (Listenable Records). Continue reading “Album Review: Lock Up – Demonization”