Album Review: The Sword – Greetings From…

By Ryan Falla

Despite the Sword having a career that’s spanned over a decade, there hasn’t been too much in the way of official live tracks for The Sword. Aside from the three bonus tracks on the ‘Apocryphon’ album, we haven’t had too much exposure to official live recordings of the band, so their release of their first career live album is extremely heartening. The only question that needs to be asked here is, “Does this album stack up for The Sword lovers?” Continue reading “Album Review: The Sword – Greetings From…”

Album Review: Hate – Tremendum

By Rosie Walker

Founded by guitarist and vocalist Adam Buszko, the Polish band Hate were pioneers in their country’s metal scene. Buszko has seen his project face many trials and triumphs over the years. Yet still manages to make moving music to this day. Moulded together in 1990, Hate continues to convey their extreme signature sound. This ninth release ‘Tremendum’ is inspired by the Latin phrase ‘mysterious tremendum’, meaning ‘mystery that repels’. Known for their provocative lyrics and severe sound, Hate keeps carrying the torch for extreme metal. Continue reading “Album Review: Hate – Tremendum”

Album Review: Rhino Bucket – The Last Real Rock ‘N’ Roll

By Ryan Falla

Rhino Bucket has released their first album in 6 years, ‘The Last Real Rock ‘N’ Roll’, a rather delayed follow-up to the 2011 release ‘Who’s Got Mine’. Rhino Bucket brings a heavy AC/DC aesthetic to their music, as the simple easygoing riffage launched over tight percussive grooves mimic the AC/DC style of songwriting pretty heavily. The power in Rhino Bucket comes from their ability to push dirty, grimy vocals over simplified riff work. Just how powerful is this formula though? Continue reading “Album Review: Rhino Bucket – The Last Real Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Album Review: Dimmu Borgir – Forces of the Northern Night (Live DVD+CD)

By Francisco Zamudio

There are a few instances that really capture a band’s essence. And when you hear the term “Norwegian symphonic black metal”, it already perks up the ears of an extreme metal fan, even those not familiar with many metal sub-genres at all. All these factors, along with a beautiful evening that loaned itself to timing and the powers-that-be, aligned to bring a truly epic performance that rewarded fans in attendance at the 2012 edition of the world famous Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. It was here that brought nearly 100 people on stage as part of the performance now dubbed ‘Forces of the Northern Night’ – the title of Dimmu Borgir’s new live DVD and live album set to be released through their longstanding (and recently renewed) relationship with Nuclear Blast Records. Continue reading “Album Review: Dimmu Borgir – Forces of the Northern Night (Live DVD+CD)”

Album Review: Liv Sin – Follow Me

By Rosie Walker

Devotees of the Swedish group Sister Sin despaired when the band announced their split in the Fall of 2015. Yet less than a year later, a new day dawned when frontwoman Liv Jagrell announced she’d be making a solo album. The saucy Swede who goes by the name of Liv Sin, knew she had a lot more to give and was determined to deliver new music for her fans. Promising a record that is ‘metal deluxe’, Liv and her band are ready to unleash their sound on the world. Their worthy work ethic has finally paid off and their new album, ‘Follow Me’ is here, hitting stores everywhere April 28th. Continue reading “Album Review: Liv Sin – Follow Me”

Album Review: Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon

By Cesar Villatoro

When the album ‘Labyrinth Constellation’ came out in the early months of 2014, it took the death metal world by surprise and established Long Island, New York group Artificial Brain as one to be reckoned with. By artfully combining elements of old and new-school death metal, dissonant avant-garde style riffs, and trace elements of black metal, Artificial Brain were able to create a musical canvas which made them stand out from the legions of up and coming extreme metal bands, yet place them in the same league with greats such as Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega and Gorguts. With the bar having been set so high for a debut release, fans were eager to hear what the band had to offer for their sophomore album ‘Infrared Horizon’ — which was once again produced by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Dysrythmia, Krallice) at The Thousand Caves. Artificial Brain managed to meet and surpass any and all expectations with ‘Infrared Horizon’, a true successor in every way to their lauded debut album. Successfully improving upon the aforementioned musical styles utilized while continuing to push the limits as to how much sonic chaos and brutality one can combine, the band managed to reach a new plateau their signature sound of galactic discord. Continue reading “Album Review: Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon”