Wolf – Devil Seed

By Andrew Bansal

Swedish classic metal band Wolf have enjoyed a respectable existence with a cult following for the past 18 years, and even though they remain a largely unknown entity in the United States mainly because of their lack of touring in these parts, they’ve established themselves in Europe and other territories around the world through a combination of six solid studio albums and great live shows on tours and festival appearances. Now, they are ready to release their seventh full-length ‘Devil Seed’, out August 25th in Europe and September 2nd in the US via Century Media Records, an album that will bring nothing but pure delight to the genuine metalhead, and might just be the one to architect Wolf’s global breakthrough. Continue reading

Pallbearer – Foundations Of Burden

By Andrew Bansal

Based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, doom metal quartet Pallbearer garnered widespread acclaim and recognition amongst fans and critics in the genre for their incredible 2012 debut full-length ‘Sorrow And Extinction’. Now, their much anticipated follow-up effort is releasing via Profound Lore Records, and while the debut was an unadulterated portrayal of the expression that is doom metal, this new album, recorded under the supervision of the legendary Billy Anderson, builds upon the foundation of its predecessor and ends up giving rise to a colossal sonic monument. Continue reading

Opeth – Pale Communion

By Andrew Bansal

Swedish progressive metal stalwarts Opeth have been an enigma of sorts in recent years, no doubt broadening their horizons with every album but at the same time polarizing fans with changes in musical direction, most prominently on their tenth album ‘Heritage’ (2011) wherein the much publicized and documented discarding of the death metal growls became a reality old-school Opeth fans would have to deal with. Now, the band is ready to release their eleventh full-length ‘Pale Communion’, an album that explores the Heritage sound a bit further.  Continue reading

Legal Tender – Swallow Your Soul [Single]

By Andrew Bansal

Rising amongst a new crop of Los Angeles-based heavy metal bands, Legal Tender started out in 2009 and following the release of their ‘Lust In Demons’ EP last year they’ve been highly active in the local scene, playing plenty of gigs and putting on impressive performances. Whilst doing so, they’ve also written new material which they’ve presented as part of their live set in these shows, and ‘Swallow Your Soul’, one of the tunes they’ve played regularly over the past few months has been officially recorded and released to give listeners a taste of what the band’s new material sounds like on a studio recording. Continue reading

Accept – Blind Rage

By Andrew Bansal

German heavy metal legends Accept forged a triumphant reincarnation with their 12th studio album ‘Blood Of The Nations’ in 2010, debuting Mark Tornillo as the new vocalist. The overwhelming and unarguable success of that album was followed by the stellar 2012 release ‘Stalingrad’ which went on to prove that the band’s return wasn’t a mere one-off, and now, keeping up with the consistency in turnaround, Accept are ready to unveil their 14th studio effort ‘Blind Rage’, the third chapter of the Mark Tornillo-fronted era and a set of tunes through which the band stamps their authority on the heavy metal universe with a force greater than ever before. Continue reading

Origin – Omnipresent

By Francisco Zamudio

With about 15 years of existence behind them, it’s tough to call Origin one of the new breed of modern American death metal bands. You can, however, state them as a great example when it comes to describing the evolution of extreme and technical death metal. While other groups with just as many releases tone it down and call it “maturity”, Origin returns with just as much, if not more aggression and has evolved into a hyper-space demon. Their sixth full-length Omnipresent, released on July 4th in Europe via Agonia Records and on July 8th in North America via Nuclear Blast Records, is a display of
an extremely dynamic hybrid death metal that blends the styles of technical, brutal, slam and grindcore, and is about capturing the current time and space where Origin has nailed down their style as well as their line-up. Continue reading