Album Review: Ereb Altor – Ulfven

By Ryan Falla

Blazing out of Sweden with their latest release, Ereb Altor continues to showcase their fantastic ability to mix and match elements from power, doom and black metal to create the record ‘Ulfven’. Self-described as pagan metal, Ereb Altor flexes their ability to tap into a variety of musical elements to create a seamless melting pot filled with intensive black metal and doom riffage delivered with a stroke of high-energy power. Continue reading “Album Review: Ereb Altor – Ulfven”

Album Review: Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi

By Jaide Alicia

Seven years since their last release, Northern California technical death metal band Decrepit Birth takes their technicality to a whole new level upon the creation of their new album ‘Axis Mundi’, set to be released under Nuclear Blast Records on July 21st. This is the band’s first record to feature drummer Sam Paulicelli and bassist Sean Martinez alongside Bill Robinson (vocals) and Matt Sotelo (guitar). Decrepit Birth comes at you with a pretty deep concept for this album. Axis Mundi by definition is, to some extent, the center of the world – or it can also be referred to as the connector between Heaven and Earth. That concept alone, mixed with the blazing musicality that Decrepit Birth has to offer, creates one hell of a listening experience, and displays their evolution as a band and self-declared experimentation. Continue reading “Album Review: Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi”

Album Review: Edguy – Monuments

By Sebastian Vazquez

‘Monuments’, one can say, a project 25 years in the making, is an action-packed two-and-a-half hour magnum opus of German power metal band Edguy’s most popular repertoire. Spear headed by an inclusion of five brand new songs and one never before released old track, ‘Monuments’, from start to finish, is a collection for the diehard fan looking to hear new music stuffed with the hits, or for the young follower looking to listen to Edguy’s best. Continue reading “Album Review: Edguy – Monuments”

Album Review: Melvins – A Walk with Love and Death

By Ryan Falla

The undisputed kings of grunge, the Melvins, fire off another record to add to their vast discography with ‘A Walk With Love and Death’, the first double LP to their name. Famous for their unrelenting and often atonal and off-the-wall grunge, the Melvins look to stretch their talents with this release. Right off the bat, this is a high concept album; the first half of the record being a standard Melvins album called ‘Death’ and the second half a score for a Melvins-produced short film, ‘Love’. Continue reading “Album Review: Melvins – A Walk with Love and Death”

Album Review: Rings Of Saturn – Ultu Ulla

By Cesar Villatoro

Self-proclaimed “alien deathcore” band Rings of Saturn return to the scene with their fourth full-length album ‘Ulta Ulla’, which is also their first under their new label Nuclear Blast Records. Known for their otherworldly technical precision and brutality, Rings of Saturn once again continue to push the boundaries of the genre and blaze forward with what is quite possibly their most polished and precise album to date. With the help from talented newcomers Miles Dimitri Baker (guitar) and Aaron Stechauner (drums), founding member Lucas Mann was able to create some of the most well-composed Rings of Saturn songs yet in terms of technicality, composition, and sheer-brutality. While ‘Ultu Ulla’ sounds and plays like a true ROS record, the introduction of new sounds that haven’t been explored on previous albums showcases the band’s ability to progress with every release, putting them in a league of their own. Continue reading “Album Review: Rings Of Saturn – Ultu Ulla”

Album Review: Decapitated – Anticult

By Francisco Zamudio

It’s unusual for a band to go through a serious and dramatic change, especially a tragic one, and maintain their same sense of style. I’ll give you a minute to think of one…. none really come to mind. The realization that their identity has now changed, for better or worse, is all a matter of opinion. The Metallicas or Maidens, AC/DCs, Sepulturas – and the list goes on. Add to that list Polish extreme metal band, Decapitated who are set to release their 7th album ‘Anticult’ through Nuclear Blast. This marks the third attempt to rejuvenate the derailed group in nearly a decade. Continue reading “Album Review: Decapitated – Anticult”