Album Review: Accept – The Rise Of Chaos

By Rosie Walker

The song, ‘Balls to the Wall’ is an anthem every true metalhead knows by heart. When the Teutonic metal masters, Accept, released it in 1983, they had a turning point in their career and gained mainstream success. The initial conjuring of this heavy German act started as early as 1968. Yet over the years, the band experienced a lot of lineup changes and a couple of hiatuses. When they reformed in 2009, the world rejoiced as they delivered the remarkable album, ‘Blood of the Nations’. Since then the band has made two more records and is about release another. With nearly 50 years of music making experience, these guys still manage to remain passionate and relevant as the day they started. Their newest album, ‘The Rise of Chaos’, is the band’s fifteenth full-length album and will be released through Nuclear Blast on August 4. Continue reading “Album Review: Accept – The Rise Of Chaos”

Album Review: Dead Cross – Self-Titled

By Francisco Zamudio

You don’t have to call it experimental just so the hip kids can feel special. There’s only an enormous handful of vocalists whose style is untouchable and recognizable. Same can be said for someone whose highly evolved style of drumming has grown with age. Fact of the matter is, any musical experiment involving greats Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton, has been nothing short of extraordinary. To call this collaboration a super group would be limiting the end result of the chemistry between the two. The acceptance, success, and cult following they have gained together is worth noting. Any fan of either one or both will easily gravitate towards this new musical expression, as everything they’ve touched is always interesting to hear. These veterans who push and stretch the boundaries of metal and rock both on their own and combined, have proven to be very artistic in there expression of music, vocally and on percussion. Their resumes speak for themselves and one thing is for certain – though all you can expect is the unexpected, but expect it to be awesome. Continue reading “Album Review: Dead Cross – Self-Titled”

Album Review: Rex Brown – Smoke on This…

By Ryan Falla

Legendary Pantera bassist Rex Brown finally gives us a look into his musical machinations and inspirations with his debut solo record ‘Smoke on This…’ The beauty of solo records from notable musicians is the view of their influences on their respective bands in a much more magnified scope. We’ve seen plenty of solo work from Pantera bandmates Phil Anselmo and Vinnie Paul. It’s an interesting thing to ponder as you become familiar with the musical fingerprint of Rex Brown. Continue reading “Album Review: Rex Brown – Smoke on This…”

Album Review: Jacqui L – Planet Parallel 5

By Andrew Bansal

Australian prog artist Jacqui L has come out with a highly conceptual release, ‘Planet Parallel 5’. She expresses her music and lyrics through the perspective of an alien scorpion from the planet PP5. The 10-track effort is expertly augmented by three incredibly stunning music videos that further elaborate the concept, but the music on its own is sure to capture the imagination and stimulate the senses of all prog fans. Continue reading “Album Review: Jacqui L – Planet Parallel 5”

Album Review: Groupoem – Dirt Church

By Andrew Bansal

Vancouver BC alt/prog rock quartet Groupoem reformed in 2014 after a lengthy 25-year hiatus, and have released their new album ‘Dirt Church’, a set of 19 songs comprising recordings from the band’s early days of the ’80s as well as brand new material recorded since the reunion. Despite the long absence, none of the band members lost their chops, as they were occupied in other musical projects, and with this new release they’re here to showcase themselves as a band that still has something to offer. Continue reading “Album Review: Groupoem – Dirt Church”