Album Review: Deficiency – The Dawn of Consciousness

By Rosie Walker

From the northern regions of France emerges the metal act, Deficiency. Kicking things off back in 2008, these fellas have flourished in France and most of Europe since. Deficiency really grabbed the scene’s attention with their last album ‘The Prodigal Child’ in 2013 and everyone has been waiting to see what they do next. Their third record that comes out next week, ’The Dawn of Consciousness’, is a cool, cohesive concept album that explodes with ferocious intensity and does not disappoint.

’Newborn’s Awakening’ opens the album on the cusp of elation and anticipation. The short build suddenly seizes with a threat of throwing you into a storm of raw, melodic metal. You’re flung into the rich, accessible guitar work of Laurent Gisonna and Jerome Meichelbeck making you appreciate the invasive, poignant, and significant sound of tapping on guitars. This band has always carried their melodies in the strings and this track reassures you that they stick with their signature sound.

The next two songs, ’Uncharted Waters’’ and ‘Another Fail to Come’ parades the plump production quality of the album. They capture the honesty of thrash music and twist it up with a technical metal flare, making the album feel organic, but still full and rich with their relentless, soulful sound. The footwork of drummer Thomas Das Neves balances perfectly with the groove of bass player Vianney Habert. The layers of instrumental work are intuitive, intriguing, and draw you deeper into their themes of rebirth. Deficiency took their time on this album and it clearly paid off.

Half way through the record we hit the track, ’The Upriser’. Slayer would be proud. Real rage is released on this track while still being catchy and memorable. There are 10 songs on this album and each one is over 5 minutes long. With bite and barbed wire, Deficiency make room to explore their unique sound in each one of these songs. With groove, grit, and speed, this band is more than headbang-worthy. Next, you run right into, ‘Face the World We Experience’ with enticing guitar tones that whip you into the elegant chaos of fresh thrash. The vocal work of Laurent Gisonna is direct, filled with urgency, and to-the-point with little frills. These guys are a unit and a united front providing modern metal to the masses. The guitar solos are similar to the vocals with little frills, direct, and highlighting the strength of the whole band while still giving strong sentiment to the song.

The second half of the album gets nasty, starting with the song, ’Nausea’. The unique rasp of vocalist Laurent screeches with angst while the bass plunges deep into progressive groove and heaviness, complimenting their creative chaos. Mosh pits come to mind with the old-school feel on this song. Their hammering nails you to the relentless energy and strength of the number. You then reach the instrumental gem, ’And Now Where Else to Go’. The acoustic opening causes a tug on the heart strings, feeling pensive and real. Then it gives way to their fast, ferocious sound with precious precision, ruthless riffs filled with merciless merit and meaning. Their display of chord progressions and harmonies nourish and sustain. Your head clears the more you bang it.

The last song ‘Fearless Hope’ sweetly sums up the album with its efficient and effective expedition on melodic metal. Deficiency drills into you how thoughtful thrash can be and reenergizes the ear’s tastebuds. The band has matured in meshing their melodies with their adventurous, gnarly riffs, creating a more complete, seasoned sound. Their work is like ordering the sample platter at a restaurant. They got a little bit of everything. Deficiency is a clever, heavy, innovative melting pot of metal. There’s never a dull moment when you’re listening to them and their newest release is one to purchase immediately.

Rating: 9.5/10

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Record Label: Apathia
Release Date: March 24th 2017

Track Listing:
01. Newborn’s Awakening (5:17)
02. Unchartered Waters (5:22)
03. Another Fail to Come (5:40)
04. From A Less to A Greater Perfection (5:05)
05. The Upriser (5:55)
06. Face the World We Experience (5:55)
07. Nausera (5:28)
08. And Now Where Else to Go (7:35)
09. Post Knowledge Day (7:15)
10. Fearless Hope (5:20)

Total Duration: 58:52

Deficiency links: website | facebook | twitter