Album Review: Danko Jones – Wild Cat

By Ryan Falla

Danko Jones is the epitome of the false revival of “old-school rock n’ roll”. The record ‘Wild Cat’ is the culmination of try-hard badassery injected into the most basic rock n’ roll formula. This is the same man whose music catalog consists of “Rock n’ Roll Proletariat”, “Rock Shit Hot”, “Rock n’ Roll Is Black and Blue”. This extreme pretension in the “rock revival” elements present within the catalog of Danko Jones is astounding.

All of that is reflected in the album ‘Wild Cat’; a record so uninspiring and flat it comes off as the saddest love child of country pop and radio rock. The only listenable aspect of this album is Danko Jones’ uncanny ability to pull off a James Hetfield impersonation on occasion.

This album could be very well called tasteless due to its lack of genuine rock revival while touting itself as “taking the decaying corpse of rock and roll and jolting it back to life.” That is a direct paraphrase from the press release; yet when you listen to this record, all it seems to be is Danko Jones poking at the decayed corpse of rock n’ roll with a stick. There is no revival of the genre, it’s just a copy and paste of elements that worked once in a blue moon for a couple of bands but never panned out in the grand scheme of rock.

To claim this as a revival of the rock n’ roll genre is to claim puppeteering a corpse with your hand up its ass and calling it life.

This isn’t just an absolute NOT RECOMMEND, it’s a straight up AVOID. I feel bad just for wasting your time reading this review. Please promise me if you get the hankering for classic rock, just pop on some Thin Lizzy. Everything tried in ‘Wild Cat’ is beyond a pale imitation of what bands like Thin Lizzy accomplished.

‘Wild Cat’ makes me feel tired, like I should take a break from music. I guess that’s just a product of their tired formula being shoved into my ears. I need to cleanse my palette and remind myself music isn’t as bad as I’ve been exposed to with ‘Wild Cat’.

Rating: 1/10

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Record Label: AFM
Release Date: March 3rd 2017

Track Listing:
01. I Gotta Rock (3:39)
02. My Little Rock n’ Roll (3:44)
03. Going Out Tonight (3:31)
04. You Are My Woman (3:24)
05. Do This Every Night (3:11)
06. Let’s Start Dancing (3:13)
07. Wild Cat (3:46)
08. She Likes It (3:25)
09. Success in Bed (3:35)
10. Diamond Lady (3:36)
11. Revolution But Then We Make Love (3:36)

Total Duration: 38:40

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