Album Review: Mutiny Within – Origins

By Rosie Walker

Out of New Jersey comes a metal band that is difficult to categorize. Mutiny Within has defied genre boundaries since their self-titled debut album in 2010. The band has been through some tough times since then, but their third album is finally seeing the light of day. Holding true to their eluding ways, ‘Origins’ is a record Mutiny Within fans should be excited about. The band made a dent in the scene when they became road warriors promoting their first album in 2010. It was obvious they were hard-working and truly loved what they did, but sometimes that’s not enough for a band to keep going. Hitting financial trouble, they went on a hiatus in 2011. Though they independently released another album in 2013, things remained relatively quiet for the band. Yet their fans were faithful, and are now rewarded for their patience.

The band worked hard on this new material and in the first moments of the opening track, you can tell they stepped on their game. On the song ’Origins’ you’re introduced to a piano playing that gnaws at you with its haunting sweet simplicity. The track builds and rumbles until it gushes into the next song ‘Archetype of Destruction’ where you are bombarded with guitar shredding, blast beats, and gutturals. Singer Chris Clancy dances gracefully between his screaming and clean vocals meticulously while the crafty work of Daniel Bage on keys reinforces the powerful melody. The opening line to the track says, “In this world where death is all we know” sets us up for the melancholic mood you hear on the rest of the album.

By the third track on this ten-track record, you’re completely immersed in the band’s original sound. ‘Justify’ opens with a bittersweet theme provided by Daniel’s guitar playing. He weeps with his strings, but keeps his playing crisp and clean. Andrew Jacobs, founder and bassist, shows his skills with the deep, rustic gurgling sound he produces on his bass. His timely fills and persistent pounding keeps things nice and heavy.

The band treats you with some great guest musicians sprinkled throughout the album. ‘Silent Weapons’ is a song showcasing the mighty shredder Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry. He gives this song a more melodic death metal edge, creating that sweet European metal vibe. Each song dives into stories about the struggles and questions of life. The guitar work on this track devises a very poignant sentiment that reflects the lyrical themes. The next song ‘Reasons’ has the same formula. We’re graced with the work of Andy James from the band Reasons, who illuminates the pensive feel of the album.

The band conjures curiosity with their balancing act of heavy and melody on the song ‘Circles’. Similar to the other songs, Chris shows off his versatility as a singer with his pop-oriented sound in its catchy clean chorus. At moments the songs can get pretty light, but the drum work of Bill Fore is the anchor to their heaviness. Him and Andrew partner in making this album metal.

Final track ’Secrets’ erupts with some beautiful orchestral and chorus arrangements. The precise, emotional guitar work weaved into the symphonic sound makes this song powerful. The song pairs some amazing synth work with the guitar’s aggressive speed making it dynamic and compelling. A great way to end an album.

The band arouses a lot interest with their ability to sound like a radio-friendly rock band at one moment and a melodic metalcore band the next. ‘Origins’ keeps you on your toes as the songs sway between the two sounds. It’s an emotional, heartfelt, and authentic album. Their unique technique and sincere sound definitely makes this album worth a listen.

Rating: 7/10

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Release Date: February 10th 2017

Track Listing:
01. Origins (1:06)
02. Archetype Of Destruction (4:32)
03. Justify (5:10)
04. Silent Weapons feat. Per Nilsson (4:44)
05. Reasons feat. Andy James (3:32)
06. Internal Dissension (4:14)
07. Circles (5:32)
08. Serenity feat. Justin Hill (4:23)
09. Stay Forever (3:35)
10. Secrets (4:10)

Total Duration: 40:58

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