Album Review: Words of Farewell – A Quiet World

By Rosie Walker

Words of Farewell’s third full-length album does not disappoint! This German heavy metal sextet was conjured a decade ago and grabbed a lot of attention in the melodic death metal scene. The band compares their sound to the greats like Dark Tranquility and Scar Symmetry. ’A Quiet World’ definitely has the traditional death metal sound, but twists it with some progressive and ambient goodness, making it a breath of fresh air. In approximately 50 minutes, the band paints a landscape filled with bombastic breakdowns, catchy choruses, and some epic ethereal movements.

Opening track ‘My Share of Loneliness’, crashes the senses with rampaging riffs running along side some sick synths. Having keyboards fit into heavy metal is tricky and somehow European bands, especially Words of Farewell, know how to nail it. The hair-raising vocals from Alexander Otto sound similar to the mighty Marcus Bischoff of Heaven Shall Burn. His ability to scream and articulate at the same time is a rare skill and adds a lot to the dramatic landscape on this album. The dramatization continues when bassist Konstantin Vobhoff thumps the band into some prog-tempo sections, making each track unique.

The blood begins to pump when ’Gaia Demise’ kicks in. The track escalates to new heights of energy and ingenuity. Along with the track ’Limit Cycle’ there are a lot of hints to early metalcore in the guitar work of Erik Gabmus and Robin Dirksadding, adding even more layers to their already uncommon sound.

Hitting the middle of the album with tracks like ‘Zero Temperance’ and ‘Momentary Life’, the sensational landscape Words of Farewell are painting continues to flourish. The guitar solos swirl around the fast heart beat of the drums carrying life into every song. The sound, splendor, and speed of Tristan Wegner’s drum playing is inspiring. Then the synths coming from Leo Wichmann on top it all keeps things vibrant and refreshing. Even with the acoustic treat in ‘Momentary Life’, the energy and variety is endless. The last track ’This Shadow My Likeness’ is a song that proves long instrumental intros can work. The poignant piano playing sweetly segways into the fast flare of guitar work, building to an epic heaviness that engulfs all your senses.

Words of Farewell’s ‘A Quiet World’ is heartfelt and intuitive with dynamic heaviness. A fresh sound indeed on the third album by this already great German band.

Rating: 7.5/10

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Record Label: AFM
Release Date: January 20th 2017

Track Listing:
01. My Share of Loneliness
02. Gaia Demise
03. Gallows Frame
04. Limit Cycle
05. Zeor Temperance
06. Momentary Life
07. Oversoul
08. The Farthest Reach
09. This Shadow My Likeness

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