Fallen Asunder – Self-Titled

By Andrew Bansal


Hailing from Lancaster PA, Fallen Asunder is a hard rock/heavy metal group started by Ryan Batturs (vocals/guitar) and Josh Weaver (guitar), the duo attempting to present a blend of all their influences through their own original compositions. The band’s self-titled debut full-length was independently released on November 1st 2016, unveiling as many as 12 songs decorated with melody and heaviness in equal measure.

The album starts on the strongest possible note with ‘The World And Fate’ which is instantly catchy and compelling, exhibiting Dream Theater inspired guitar leads, heavy riffs and clean singing of modern metal inclinations. ‘Our Ghosts’ is more laid back in comparison, allows the guitar solos to be more expressive as a result, carrying what could almost be described as a modern prog rock feel. This is kept intact and further explored on the next track ‘Meant For So Much More’, very reminiscent of bands like Scale The Summit. ‘Silent Lies’ is slower, darker and has touches of extreme metal with the harsh vocals playing a more prominent role. The remainder of the album continues to present this wide range of influences, the songs ‘Lost In The Rain’ and ‘In Your Depths’ making more of an impact than the others that comprise the latter half of the 12-track effort.


The guitar riffs, leads and solos are certainly the standout aspect of Fallen Asunder’s self-titled debut LP, and singlehandedly keep the listener’s interest for as long as it does. The vocals sound a bit raw and have the potential to be developed more, and the vocal melodies tend to get repetitive as the album moves from one song to the next. Besides, 12 is probably too high a number of songs to concisely express what this band is trying to convey musically here. But the LP definitely has its moments and serves as a solid starting point for a new band that undoubtedly listens to good music and is on their way towards mastering the art of channeling their influences into their own creativity.

All in all, a promising debut with sparks of excellent musicianship.

Rating: 7/10

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Release Date: November 1st 2016

Track Listing:
01. The World and Fate
02. Our Ghosts
03. Meant for so Much More
04. Silent Lies
05. Free Will
06. Plight
07. Upon Your Stars
08. Lost in the Rain
09. In Your Depths
10. We’ll Never Run
11. Brought to Life
12. Blinded Eyes

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