Album Review: Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)

By Ryan Falla

Cirith Ungol and Metal Blade Records are celebrating the first ever Cirith Ungol show to grace European soil with the re-release of the band’s second record ‘King of the Dead’. Not only is this a beautiful remastering of Cirith this Ungol album which originally came to life in 1984, it’s a fantastic record to begin with that is only enhanced with the brand new packaging its now being presented in. Besides the remastered tracks, there is a plethora of new content for Cirith Ungol fans to indulge in and for newcomers to experience more out of this band than a simple record. Continue reading “Album Review: Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)”

Album Review: Ghost Bath – Starmourner

By Rosie Walker

The American black metal act, Ghost Bath, is at it again. Conjured in 2013, the band released their first album through a Chinese label; causing confusion, but also intrigue. Their sound is as obscure and mysterious as where they’re from, i.e. a town called Minot in the state of North Dakota. The band is wrapped in perplexity and prefers to keep it that way. Mainman Dennis Mikyla has been quoted as saying that they do not wish to put actual faces onto the music. Their third studio album ’Starmourner’ captures the band’s mystery and highlights their brooding spirits in an enchanting, curious manner. Continue reading “Album Review: Ghost Bath – Starmourner”

Album Review: Deep Purple – Infinite

By Doug Walker

Deep Purple. One of the founding fathers of heavy metal. I don’t think there’s much about them that hasn’t been said thousands of times over. They are one of the quintessential pioneers of what would become heavy metal, and later, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The band has been through many line-up changes over the decades, they’ve broken up a few times… but it always comes back together. Their latest offering is “Infinite”, and the press release that goes along with is it full of hyper-philosophical self-discussion about the meaning of it. My eyes glazed over as I read it. Unfortunately, the record didn’t do much to cure that sensation. Continue reading “Album Review: Deep Purple – Infinite”

Review: Gruesome – Fragments of Psyche EP

By Jaide Alicia

Death metal band Gruesome pays homage to ‘Human’ era Death with their latest release ‘Fragments of Psyche’. Released by Relapse Records, this EP features a cover of Death’s ‘Choke On It’- originally released on their 1988 album ‘Leprosy’. Gruesome adds influence from Death’s fourth full-length album ‘Human’ to add their own twist to the track without drawing attention away from the classic Death sound. Recruited for the recording of this track is former Death drummer Sean Reinert who adds another touch of ‘Human’ influence.  Alongside the cover of ‘Choke On It’, the EP opens with a brand new song, the title track itself, which also features Reinert’s masterful drumming. Continue reading “Review: Gruesome – Fragments of Psyche EP”

Album Review: Royal Thunder – Wick

By Andrew Bansal

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Royal Thunder has been a band that has captivated listeners with every release of theirs, and in their relatively young 12-year career thus far, have only gone from strength to strength, all the while broadening their creative horizons. Their 2010 self-titled debut EP came across as straight-up doom metal with bluesy tendencies, the first LP ‘CVI’ (2012) was decidedly more classic hard rock inspired, and the 2014 follow-up ‘Crooked Doors’ explored the band’s melodic elements. In 2017, they have released ‘Wick’, a blend of all the above and much more. Continue reading “Album Review: Royal Thunder – Wick”