In-depth Interview With Broken Hope Guitarist Jeremy Wagner (Audio)

By Andrew Bansal

Chicago-based death metal veterans Broken Hope started out in 1988, and released five albums within a span of 12 years, albums that are widely considered as some of the finest albums in the genre, highly admired not only amongst extreme metal fans but also genuinely respected by their fellow musicians. Unfortunately, the band had to split up in the year 2000, but 12 years later, they are back and raring to go stronger than ever before. They’re out on the road with Obituary on the ‘Carnival Of Death’ North American tour at the moment, and plan to record their next album soon. Earlier today, on September 26th 2012, less than 2 hours earlier, I spoke to guitarist Jeremy Wagner to talk in detail about the reunion, tour, future plans and other things. Listen to the 20-minute conversation below, and visit Broken Hope on their official website, facebook page and twitter page for more info (LA folks can check out this tour tomorrow September 27th at the Key Club).

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