Metal Queen Doro Pesch Discusses New Live DVD ‘Strong And Proud’ + More

By Andrew Bansal


Still reigning as the undisputed metal queen, German singer Doro Pesch has enjoyed a 30-plus year career, and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. Having completed the 30-year anniversary touring cycle, Doro and her band are now gearing up to work on the follow-up to the latest studio album ‘Raise Your Fist’ (2012), but in the meanwhile, the band is about to release a comprehensive live DVD/Blu-Ray + CD + documentary package called ‘Strong And Proud: 30 Years Of Rock And Metal’ via Nuclear Blast Entertainment on July 15th 2016. This offering chronicles three 30-year anniversary shows in Germany that the band played in 2014 in DVD, Blu-Ray and CD formats, and the documentary takes fans through a journey following the band’s travels on the world tour that ensued after these three special shows. On July 12th 2016, Doro took the time to speak to Metal Assault in detail about this release, and much more. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

Accept Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann Discusses New Solo Album ‘Headbangers Symphony’

By Andrew Bansal


German guitarist and composer Wolf Hoffmann has stayed busy with his classic heavy metal band Accept ever since the band made its comeback in 2010, but while the band was inactive in the late ’90s and early 2000s, Hoffmann released a solo album called ‘Classical’ (1997), wherein he recorded his metal renditions of 11 of his favorite pieces of classical music, an album that also featured his Accept bandmate Peter Baltes on bass. Now, during a brief stint of down time from the crazy world of Accept, Hoffmann is revisiting his classical roots and rediscovering his love for the age-old genre. He is set to release his second solo album ‘Headbangers Symphony’ on July 1st 2016 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment, and carries forward the concept of his first solo effort, but with a more symphonic twist. On June 11th 2016, Hoffmann took some time out of his relentless schedule to talk to Metal Assault in detail about this album, and also offered a tiny bit of insight into plans for the next Accept record. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

From Backstage To Silver Screen: Veteran Journalist Bob Nalbandian Discusses ‘Inside Metal’ Movies

By Andrew Bansal


To a majority of metalheads around the world, the history and reputation of the Los Angeles metal scene equates to glam metal, which is far from the truth. Enter journalist Bob Nalbandian, who has been conducting interviews and writing reviews since the early ’80s, to finally rectify the perception of LA metal, both for people from and outside LA. He released ‘Pioneers Of LA Hard Rock And Metal’, the first in the ‘Inside Metal’ trilogy of documentary movies in 2014, and has followed it up with the second movie ‘The LA Metal Scene Explodes’, which was premiered at the Regency Plaza theaters in North Hollywood on June 6th 2016, and will soon see a DVD release. Bob Nalbandian spoke to Metal Assault to discuss these movies in detail. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

Death Angel Vocalist Talks About New Album ‘The Evil Divide’ & More

By Andrew Bansal


Over the last 12 years, San Francisco Bay Area thrash veterans Death Angel have come back into active prominence stronger than any other band on this planet, and are firing on all cylinders, hungrier and more menacing than ever. Their eighth studio album ‘The Evil Divide’ releases on May 27th 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records, and sees them not only retain their reputation but enhance it further with some hard-hitting yet diverse tunes.  The band has been announced as the opening act on a Fall 2016 U.S. tour with Slayer and Anthrax, and are poised to destroy stages with material new and old. Vocalist Mark Osegueda recently spoke to Metal Assault to discuss the new album in detail. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

Fear Factory Guitarist Talks About ‘Demanufacture’ U.S. Tour & More

By Andrew Bansal


Los Angeles-based Fear Factory have been a highly influential musical entity in the industrial/modern metal genre over the years, and have stayed relevant through a 25-plus year career. Now, even as they continue to release hard-hitting new material such as the latest album ‘Genexus’ (2015), they are also revisiting their seminal years by performing the iconic ‘Demanufacture’ (1995) in its entirety for the first time on a full US tour this Spring. They’re taking out Swedish melodic death metal group Soilwork as support act on this run. Last Wednesday March 16th 2016, guitarist and songwriter Dino Cazares spoke to Metal Assault to discuss this tour, Demanufacture, the latest album, playing the ‘non Dino era’ material, and more. Enjoy the conversation below and catch Fear Factory on the Demanufacture tour. Continue reading

Napalm Death Frontman Discusses ‘Savage Imperial Death March’ Tour & More

By Andrew Bansal

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British legends Napalm Death are pioneers in more ways than one, not only musically spawning several generations of grindcore/extreme metal-inspired musicians that came after them, but also carrying a reputation of presenting entertaining concepts and ideas, and taking uncalculated, out-of-the-box steps along their career path. To that effect, Napalm Death are now ready to embark on the ‘Savage Imperial Death March’ North American tour with Melvins and Melt Banana, for what promises to be an intriguing event for fans. Frontman Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway took the time to speak to Metal Assault last Friday March 11th 2016 to discuss this tour, the band’s recent gigs with Faith No More, the latest album ‘Apex Predator – Easy Meat’ and music videos, among other things. Enjoy the conversation below, and catch Napalm Death on the upcoming tour. Continue reading