Video Interview With Dylan Carlson & Adrienne Davies Of Earth

By Andrew Bansal

Longtime purveyors of dark sonic beauty, Seattle’s Earth have captured the imagination of listeners the world over with the musicianship on their albums and mesmerized audiences with live performances. Following up to the mammoth ‘Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light’ double album, they released their eighth full-length ‘Primitive And Deadly’ on September 2nd 2014 via Southern Lord Records, an album that has already garnered them career-high chart positions, record-breaking sales and widespread admiration from fans and critics alike. They’re currently on a US headline tour with fellow Seattle group King Dude and are presenting a majority of this new album live. They played a memorable show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on September 11th, and a few hours before they took the stage, I caught up with guitarist Dylan Carlson and drummer Adrienne Davies for a detailed 15-minute conversation. Watch the chat below: Continue reading

Cannibal Corpse Drummer Talks New Album ‘A Skeletal Domain’ + More

By Andrew Bansal

American death metal legends Cannibal Corpse are about to release their 13th studio album ‘A Skeletal Domain’ on September 16th via Metal Blade Records, a record that further solidifies their already perennial stronghold on the genre and showcases a band completely unwilling to stop or slow down even in the third decade of their revered existence. Last week, I spoke to drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz to talk about this new album, the role of their newfound partnership with producer Mark Lewis, the band’s signature sound, his drumming, the impending Cannibal Corpse book, future plans and more. Read the conversation below. Continue reading

Vocalist Tony Foresta Discusses New Iron Reagan Album ‘The Tyranny Of Will’

By Andrew Bansal

Even in their short two-year career span so far, Richmond VA crossover thrash/hardcore punk group Iron Reagan have transcended themselves far beyond being known as a side-project or supergroup of members from other bands such as Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour. On the 2013 full-length debut album ‘Worse Than Dead’ and a couple of other EP/split releases, Iron Reagan’s music has come across as concise and hard-hitting, and these qualities are all the more evident in their live performances which have made them one of the most devastating live acts to have surfaced in these last two years. The unstoppable Iron Reagan are now ready to release their second full-length ‘The Tyranny Of Will’ on September 16th via Relapse Records, and last week I spoke to vocalist Tony Foresta to discuss this 24-track, 30-minute rager and lots more. Enjoy the conversation below.  Continue reading

In Conversation With Babar Sheikh Of Pakistani Doom Band Dusk

By Aniruddh ‘Andrew’ Bansal

Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, doom metal band Dusk have been around for nearly two decades, easily one of the oldest South-East Asian bands in the genre, and this year they teamed up with fellow doom veterans Dying Embrace from Bangalore, India for a split album called ‘Through Corridors Of Dead Centuries’ which was released recently via Indian label Cyclopean Eye, featuring five crushing tracks each from Dusk and Dying Embrace. Last night, I had a Skype conversation with the ever-articulate Dusk frontman Babar Sheikh to discuss the making of this split, the Motörhead cover, doom as a means of liberation, his favorite doom bands and future plans. Read the conversation below. Continue reading

Interview With Striker Vocalist Dan Cleary

By Andrew Bansal

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian band Striker formed in 2007 and have already played their part in waving the flag of classic heavy metal through some excellent music and a solid amount of touring across Canada and Europe, presenting songs filled to the brim with righteously old-school metal and decorated with enjoyably cheesy lyrics. Their third full-length album ‘City Of Gold’ is set for release in North America on September 9th via Napalm Records, a set of tunes that sees the band blend thrashier elements along with the signature classic style they’ve portrayed over the past seven years. Last week, I spoke to vocalist Dan Cleary to discuss the new album, Canadian metal, touring, lyrical themes, great vocalists and other things. Read the conversation below. Continue reading

Nik Turner Delves Into ‘Space Ritual’ & Lots More

By Andrew Bansal

Known for his multiple stints in seminal English space rock group Hawkwind, Nik Turner has been an innovator and an inspirer in the genre, and still continues to deliver the Hawkwind experience to fans and curious observers who didn’t exist to witness his original tours with Hawkwind back the late 60s and early 70s. Focusing primarily on the ‘Space Ritual’ album and its corresponding live show, Turner puts forth a mind-blowing exhibition of rock and psychedelia, just like he did at the Viper Room in West Hollywood last week, on the second show of his ongoing North American headline tour which he started off by playing a gig on his 74th birthday in Oakland CA. An hour before he took the stage with his backing band Hedersleben, I sat down with Turner to firstly smoke a joint and then do an interview. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading