In-depth Interview With LA Extreme Metal Band Fractalline

By Andrew Bansal

Los Angeles based technical death metal band Fractalline formed in 2010 and after an initial surge, the band went through a three-year period of lineup consolidation but are now back with a new album called ‘Polymath Theory’ and are playing shows in the LA area again. They’re set to take the stage at Loaded Hollywood next Wednesday September 3rd with Behold! The Monolith, Vampire Squid and others. A few days ago, I sat down with vocalist Jordan Nalley, guitarist KP Krishnamoorthy and bassist Vimal Ramesh for a detailed interview. Check out the conversation below along with some of their new music. Continue reading

Belphegor Frontman Talks About Recovery & New Album

Interview by Jason Williams

Over the past three years or so, Austrian blackened death metal horde Belphegor had been forced to put their activities on hold as a result of vocalist/guitarist Helmuth Lehner’s serious illness, but with his recovery they’re now back with their tenth studio album ‘Conjuring The Dead’ which came out on August 5th via Nuclear Blast Records, and are gearing up for a North American headline tour with support acts Rotting Christ, Beheaded and Svart Crown. Earlier this week, our extreme metal specialist Jason Williams conducted an insightful interview with Helmuth to discuss his recovery, the material on the new album, future plans and more. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

In Conversation With Pallbearer Vocalist/Guitarist Brett Campbell

By Andrew Bansal

In an effort that has matched and superseded their stellar 2012 debut LP ‘Sorrow And Extinction’, Little Rock AR doom metal quartet Pallbearer released their sophomore full-length ‘Foundations Of Burden’ on August 19th via Profound Lore Records, an album decidedly more dynamic and powerful than its predecessor and an apt representation of the group’s heightened state of creativity, highlighted with conviction under the masterful ear of Billy Anderson. On August 21st, I spoke to vocalist/guitarist Brett Campbell to discuss the making of this album in detail, among other things including touring plans. Enjoy the insightful conversation below. Continue reading

Bevar Sea Guitarist Talks Maryland Deathfest, Next Album Plus More

By Aniruddh ‘Andrew’ Bansal

Even in their short career thus far, Bangalore, India’s stoner doom metal quintet Bevar Sea have already built a solid reputation for themselves in their home country as well as elsewhere, owing to their stellar 2012 self-titled debut album which boasts of righteous heavy music and spellbinding artwork, to go with their mesmerizing live performances whenever and wherever they’ve taken the stage. In my 2012-13 exile in India, I was fortunate to be introduced to the talents of this band and catch a few of their gigs, and even after returning to the States, Bevar Sea is one thing Indian I didn’t forget and their music kept recurring in my mind, particularly whenever I found myself in a cannabis-induced altered state of consciousness. Now, as they finish work on their next album, Bevar Sea have been confirmed as one of participating acts at next year’s edition of the prestigious Maryland Deathfest, set to take place May 21st to 24th 2015 in Baltimore MD with Bevar Sea slated to play on the opening day alongside the likes of Yob. Yesterday, I did a detailed interview with guitarist and principal songwriter Srikanth Panaman to get his thoughts on the MDF news, the next album, hindsight on the self-titled, future plans and more. Enjoy the conversation below and get ready for Bevar Sea to crush the US of A in 2015! Continue reading

In-depth Interview With Monuments

Interview by Taylor Younani

In the last year or two, British progressive/experimental metal quintet Monuments have transcended into becoming a full-blown entity and a full-time band, enjoying  a much larger existence than what guitarist and founder John Browne initially expected it to. Also featuring the talents of vocalist Chris Barreto (ex-Periphery), Monuments released their sophomore album ‘The Amanuensis’ via Century Media Records on July 8th and are about to complete a US tour supporting Glass Cloud, Scale The Summit and others, and have announced another tour with Devin Townsend and Animals As Leaders for later this year. On their Los Angeles debut at the Lyric Theatre on August 4th as part of the Glass Cloud/Scale tour, our man Taylor Younani was in attendance to witness a fantastic performance from them, and after the set he caught up with Browne and Barreto for an in-depth chat about the tour, the lineup, the conceptual story behind the lyrics, and more. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

Albatross Bassist Talks About Three-Guitar Lineup, Next Album & Lots More

By Aniruddh ‘Andrew’ Bansal

Hailing from Mumbai, India, Albatross is a horror-themed traditional heavy metal band that’s released two EPs ‘Dinner Is You’ and ‘The Kissing Flies’ in their 5-year existence so far, and have been featured on this site plenty of times in the past as they truly stand out amongst an ever-growing plethora of Indian bands in a fledgling metal scene. Having completed their first ever tour of Australia and expanded their wings within India to newer pastures in the past year, Albatross are ready with material for their next release ‘Fear From The Skies’ and with the addition of a third guitarist, are presenting themselves in a whole new incarnation. Yesterday on August 20th 2014, I caught up with bassist and principal songwriter/lyric writer Riju Dasgupta a.k.a. Dr. Hex to talk all things Albatross. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading