Dethklok Mainman Brendon Small Discusses ‘Dethalbum III’ & Upcoming Tour (Audio)

By Andrew Bansal

Widely popular in their animated form on the Adult Swim TV series ‘Metalocalypse’ as well as in their real-life form, Dethklok are finally ready to release their third studio album, simply titled Dethalbum III, on October 16th in North America via Williams Street Records. Based on a few listens of the entire album, I have no doubt that it’s the best of the three albums, boasting of a more dynamic musical palette. The band will follow up this release with a US tour starting October 24th and running all the way through to December 8th, along with support bands Machine Head, All That Remains & The Black Dahlia Murder. Earlier today, on September 26th 2012, just 2 hours ago, I caught up with Brendon Small to talk to him about the new album, the recording lineup, touring, and lots more. Listen to the 17-minute conversation below, and visit for more info on the album.