Kauze Frontman Talks About Debut Album, Working With DevilDriver Drummer (Audio)

By Andrew Bansal

LA-based heavy metal band Kauze have been around since 2005, releasing three EPs over the course of their career so far. Till now they’ve maintained a groove metal sound, influenced by the likes of Pantera and Fear Factory, but with the imminent release of their debut full-length album “The Rise To Power”, they’re about to take a positive step forward in their musical direction. Upon listening to the preview (embedded below as a YouTube clip below), I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. The music is definitely heavier, and isn’t merely the straight-up groove metal I was expecting. There’s more of an extreme metal feel to it, which should widen the band’s fan base.


The cover artwork of the said album is being revealed for the first time, right here, as you can see above. A couple of days back, I had a chat with frontman Lane Steele to discuss the process behind this album, the involvement of DevilDriver drummer John Boecklin, the musical style, and future plans, among other things. Listen to the 17-minute conversation below, check out the album preview, and visit the Kauze facebook page to keep in touch with them.