Interview: Warbeast Frontman Bruce Corbitt Talks About GWAR Tour, Working With Phil Anselmo, New Material (Audio)

By Andrew Bansal

If you happened to miss the Destruction tour this year and haven’t been to a show on the current GWAR tour yet, what you have missed is one of the best opening bands I’ve seen all year long, Warbeast. The Texan quintet bring a unique Dallas/Fort Worth thrash metal sound and give the metal masses something crushingly enjoyable, something they don’t usually hear from other thrash bands.

The band, formerly known as Texas Metal Alliance, built upon the foundation laid by the bands these musicians come from, namely Rigor Mortis and Gammacide. They released their killer debut album “Krush The Enemy” in the States last year, and it comes out in Europe today, November 14th 2011, with a brand new cover.

At present they are on a massive tour with GWAR and Every Time I Die, and last night the tour made a stop at the Glass House in Pomona. After Warbeast’s hugely impressive set, I got a chance to have a detailed conversation with vocalist Bruce Corbitt to talk about this tour, the DFW thrash sound, working with Phil Anselmo, among various other topics. Listen to the 16-minute conversation below, and make sure you check out Warbeast’s facebook page.




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