Interview With Pamela Moore (Audio)

By Andrew Bansal

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Pamela Moore is best known to metalheads for her longtime collaboration with Queensrÿche, as she has gracefully sung on the band’s albums and performed on stage with them for the role of Sister Mary since 1988’s ‘Operation Mindcrime’. Aside from her Queensrÿche commitments, she has released a few solo albums of her own over the years, the latest being ‘Resurrect Me’ which came out last month via Rat Pak Records. It’s her most ‘metal’ solo album till date, and the effects of her working with the likes of Queensrÿche and briefly with Primal Fear definitely seems to have rubbed off on her music. Her partner musician on this particular album is guitarist Michael Bosch. Late last month, I spoke to Pamela about the music on this album, her work in Queensrÿche, and future plans. Listen to the 12-minute conversation below, and visit her online using the links at the bottom.