Mandolin Wizard Thom Beckman Talks About ‘Shroud Of Spiders’ Project (Audio)

By Andrew Bansal

Having reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed ‘Shroud Of Spiders’, the self-titled EP by Seattle-based musician Thom Beckman, I set up an interview with him right away, to talk more about how this electric mandolin heavy metal project of his was born, how it developed, what his plans are for the future, and a few other topics as well. Beckman has written and recorded all the music on this EP. He has solely used the electric mandolin for the lead parts, and has played bass and drums as well. This is a project that deserves the attention of the metal world, and I would highly recommend you to first listen to the 16-minute conversation below, and then check out the EP using the BandCamp link at the bottom.

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