Kreator Guitarist Discusses Making Of New Album, Fan Loyalty & Lineup (Video)

Interview by Avinash Mittur

September 26th 2012, The Avalon, Hollywood CA: German thrash legends Kreator released their new album “Phantom Antichrist” earlier this year, and followed it up with their first ever India show as headliners at the Bangalore Open Air. Now, they are on the North American Teutonic Terror Attack tour with fellow German veterans Accept, and opening act Swallow The Sun. A couple of days ago, at the Avalon in Hollywood, our man Avinash managed to pull off a rare interview with guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö, and for once it’s not Mille Petrozza doing the interview. Watch the 11-minute video as Avinash talks to Sami about the new album, the fans, lineup and other things, and check out the official Kreator facebook page for more info.

Video by Elena Whidden

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