Interview: Borknagar Mainman Discusses New Album “Urd” (Audio)

By Andrew Bansal

Norwegian avant-garde black metal band Borknagar have been known to experiment with new sounds and styles on each of their studio albums, and their new album “Urd” is no exception. Set to release in Europe on March 26th and in North America on March 27th via Century Media Records, the album sees the band make further progress in their musical journey while still keeping the black metal element intact, thus presenting the best of both worlds, in terms of their musical style.

Today on March 15th 2012, I caught up with Øystein G. Brun, the mastermind behind Borknagar’s music. We discussed the new album in detail, along with topics like line-up change, artwork, touring plans and a few others. Listen to the 20-minute conversation below, and check out Borknagar’s facebook page for further info on how to order the new album.

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