LA Stoner Boogie Rockers Yeghikian Pack The Viper Room

By Andrew Bansal

imageFebruary 28th 2015, The Viper Room, West Hollywood CA: Contrary to popular belief that every LA local band wears eyeliner and spandex and sounds exactly like Guns ‘N Roses, the city is actually still an endlessly deep reservoir  of genuine musical talent. If you ignore the repetitive negative tirades of the typical burnt out 70s/80s rocker and go out to explore the city’s modern-day musical environment for yourself, you will certainly agree. As I finished up an interview with one such great hometown band somewhere on Sunset Blvd last Thursday (coming soon on the website), they recommended me to check out stoner rock band Yeghikian at the Viper Room on the following Saturday. Trusting their musical taste, I ventured to see this band. Besides, no concert month would be complete without at least one visit to the Viper Room, and even on an unusually rainy Saturday Los Angeles night, I had every reason to attend this show.

Yeghikian took the stage promptly at their scheduled set start time of 11:30 PM, and held the Viper Room in a state of frenzied euphoria for the next 40 minutes. The influence of Sabbath is quite evident in their tunes, but elements of the musical style portrayed by bands like Clutch are also traceable, and even though the overall vibe carried through their live set is very much party-like, the exhibition of musical skill by each member is undeniably strong. From brilliant clean vocals and easily relatable lyrics to monstrous riffs, ripping solos, dynamic rhythm transitions and crushing drum fills, Yeghikian bring forth a greatly diverse range through their songwriting and based on this gig, it’s clear that they amplify the impact of each tune with top-class performance levels on stage.

Photo by Nick Simile


The set was filled with songs from their 2014 full-length You’re Next, including “Until The End” which was recently featured on the television show American Dad. The slower jams made the heads bang and the faster ones induced mosh/dance pits, as Yeghikian mixed the two types excellently in the set. The delightfully slow and groovy ‘Thunderstealer’ stood out as the highlight. The liquor was flowing at a rapid rate through this Viper Room crowd and even those that looked like weekend Hollywood partygoers rather than heavy music fans were seen having a blast with Yeghikian’s music. The band aptly ended with a fast tune, garnering the best pit of the set, and left the stage amidst huge applause.

Yeghikian have come forward as the newest stoner boogie rock sensation the Los Angeles music scene offers us, and Metal Assault very strongly recommends readers to indulge in their jams, at home and at shows. Do not be fooled by the short hair, because this band rocks hard.

Yeghikian links: website | facebook | instagram