Psalms of Doom: Candlemass plays Rare Los Angeles Headline Show

By Andrew Bansal
(photos by Matt Nielson)

May 24th 2017, The Regent, Los Angeles CA: Swedish doom metal legends Candlemass have arrived in the United States for an appearance on this year’s Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore, but following their MDF announcement, they also booked three special headline shows in the lead-up, in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver. It is extremely rare for this band to be playing in the United States at all, and headline shows on the West Coast are even rarer. The Los Angeles show was slated to take place at the Regent, combined with an altogether different tour featuring Taake and Gost, on Wednesday May 24th. Taake canceled due to visa issues, Gost was forced to cancel as a result, and some people sought refunds for this reason, but Candlemass fans in LA came through in huge numbers to ensure that the show itself still went ahead as scheduled, with local openers Volahn and Arizmenda. Those who did not seek refunds were rewarded in full with a worship-worthy deliverance by the Gods of doom. Continue reading “Psalms of Doom: Candlemass plays Rare Los Angeles Headline Show”

Photo Gallery: Metal Assault Night Vol. 4 @ The Viper Room

Photos by Matt Nielson


May 21st 2017, The Viper Room, West Hollywood CA: Our fourth event at the Viper Room, a.k.a. Metal Assault Night Vol. 4, took place last Sunday and we were happy to host a great old-school metal lineup featuring Resistance (LA), Thrust (LA), Alchemy (Tijuana, Mexico) and Livin Alive (San Gabriel Valley). Alchemy started things off with a ferocious set, followed by glorious performances by Thrust and Resistance, both bands flying off to Greece this week to play the Up The Hammers festival, and closing the night in true rip-roaring style was Livin Alive, with their blend of metal, rock n’ roll and crossover thrash. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the event. Here are our man Matt Nielson’s photos, just to give you a glimpse of what transpired. Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Metal Assault Night Vol. 4 @ The Viper Room”

All-Destroying Metal: Amon Amarth & Goatwhore bring US Tour to Louisville KY

By Rosie Walker
(photos by Brian Wyner)

Johan Hegg – Amon Amarth

May 20th 2017, Mercury Ballroom, Louisville KY: It might surprise you how many treasures there are in the historic business district of Louisville, Kentucky. It’s on 4th street where you’ll find the magnetizing Mercury Ballroom. The seasoned building is a bright light for Louisville’s downtown with its key role in the South’s story. Built in 1928 for a Bourbon distribution company, you can really feel the history when you walk through its doors. This Kentucky gem now hosts some of the best heavy metal tours in the US. It was vacant for many years till Live Nation snatched up and reopened it as a venue in 2014. This piece of the past and its now first-class stage, is an ideal place to host the almighty Amon Amarth. Continue reading “All-Destroying Metal: Amon Amarth & Goatwhore bring US Tour to Louisville KY”

Black Metal Safe Space: Shining, Revenge & Wolvhammer perform at The Regent

By Lisa Burke

May 20th 2017, The Regent, Los Angeles CA: Sometimes even the most peaceful types of people let their hair down and the venom shoot out of their souls. Sometimes this unnecessary rage is brought about from hearsay and past experiences that have little to no bearing on current or future events. Welcome to 2017 where we have the Politically Correct bystanders staring us down in whatever we do from presidential  beliefs to rockstar and heavy metal beliefs. In the land of black metal there have always been some odd tales in its history that range from slaughter to church burnings to other odds and ends, and so far this year I have seen two serious bands of this era get absolutely shit on in other towns for not a proven or factual reason when all they intended was to play a great show for their fans. Portland excels at jumping to premature conclusions and while you may or may not agree with what I’m about to say, both Marduk and Shining suffered their wrath due to their preconceived beliefs that may or may not have any bearing in reality.  As you may have already guessed, I attended the Regent Theater on Saturday May 20th 2017 to see a primarily black metal line-up with Sweden’s controversial headliner Shining, on tour with support from Revenge and Wolvhammer, with local openers Icon Of Phobos and Empyrean Throne. Continue reading “Black Metal Safe Space: Shining, Revenge & Wolvhammer perform at The Regent”

Worlds Apart: Pallbearer, Gatecreeper & Grand Lord High Master perform at Echoplex

By Lisa Burke
(photos by Matt Nielson)


May 18th 2017, The Echoplex, Los Angeles CA: With some of Los Angeles’ more intimate venues closing as of late, where can you expect to find the best heavy metal shows these days? Well, there is always downtown and the sunset strip that seem to be holding stable ground, but also there is a very cool spot in Echo Park that has two venues attached to it along with serving some of the finest pizza around if you are into Two Boots southern style. The venue of course, if you are familiar, is the Echo and even larger Echoplex which have been taking on more metal shows recently. On Thursday May 18th 2017 I visited the Echoplex for headliners Pallbearer, along with support from Gatecreeper, and late add-ons Grand Lord High Master, replacing Venomous Maximus who had to drop off the tour last-minute. This was still a good line-up in its diversity which absolutely worked well as a unit. In my mind a metal show should be approached as a fashion runway collection where all the parts not only speak volumes for themselves, but also speak together as a cohesive unit despite the differences set in the individual pieces and parts. Continue reading “Worlds Apart: Pallbearer, Gatecreeper & Grand Lord High Master perform at Echoplex”

Brotherhood of the Greats: Testament, Sepultura & Prong rock new House Of Blues Anaheim

By Andrew Bansal
(photos by Robert De Anda)


May 18th 2017, House Of Blues, Anaheim CA: In a world where several aging metal bands are plying their trade solely because of the nostalgia factor they bring to attract people who used to listen to them “back in the day” and just want to hear the “classics”, it’s rare and refreshing to come across bands that have been in existence for three decades or more, yet are willing and daring enough to focus their effort and energy into writing and performing new music that does justice to their legacy and holds its own when compared to any of their best work of the past. Testament, Sepultura and Prong, without doubt, come under this category, each of them with latest releases that are beyond excellent. The three metal greats joined forces to translate the sheer strength of their new material into crushing live performances through an extensive 6-week North American tour in April-May 2017. In the final week of this run, they arrived at the new House Of Blues at the Anaheim Gardenwalk last Thursday May 18th, and packed the place to put on a concert to remember for a long time. Continue reading “Brotherhood of the Greats: Testament, Sepultura & Prong rock new House Of Blues Anaheim”