Not Dead Yet: Junkyard & Cheetah Chrome’s Dead Boys play sold-out show at Viper Room

By Lisa Burke

July 15th 2017, The Viper Room, West Hollywood CA:  While some of rock n’ roll and punk rock history remains just that, much of it has continued to brand its way into modern-day reality in some very valid semblance of what it once was, and when joined by a few fresh faces to round out a new creation of an old way of life, you can expect to see one hell of a great show. On Saturday July 15th 2017, I attended a sold-out Viper Room show with co-headliners Junkyard and Cheetah Chrome’s The Dead Boys. While these two very compatible bands brought their best to this show, living in Los Angeles brings quite a few chances to catch a Junkyard show, so the favored catch on this evening seemed to lie in the hands of Cheetah Chrome, Johnny Blitz, and his very lively Dead Boys although the crowd attended and responded well to both. Before I create thunder and lighting over the obvious debate here and topic at hand on who is singing in place of Stiv Bators and how can this still be The Dead Boys, let’s remember that it’s forty years later and Cheetah Chrome who seems to be in great shape has forty more years of guitar playing experience that was worth the ticket price alone. Continue reading “Not Dead Yet: Junkyard & Cheetah Chrome’s Dead Boys play sold-out show at Viper Room”

A Fitting Tribute and Then Some: Last In Line rock Brick By Brick in San Diego

By Andrew Bansal
(photos by Brad Worsham)

July 15th 2017, Brick By Brick, San Diego CA: Formed in 2012, Last In Line reunited the original members of the Dio band, Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Claude Schnell, to perform the songs they recorded together in the early ’80s, with vocalist Andrew Freeman at the helm. But soon after, Last In Line evolved into a band that also wrote and performed its own material, releasing their debut album ‘Heavy Crown’ via Frontiers Records in 2016, which they recorded as a four-piece, having parted ways with keyboardist Schnell before recording. Then, following Jimmy Bain’s passing, Phil Soussan joined the band on bass and Erik Norlander on keyboards, and Last In Line continued on.  As part of a short run of US headline dates, the band visited Brick By Brick in San Diego CA last Saturday July 15th to play in front of a completely packed house, and with the kind of set they delivered, did themselves and the late greats Ronnie James Dio and Jimmy Bain no injustice whatsoever. Continue reading “A Fitting Tribute and Then Some: Last In Line rock Brick By Brick in San Diego”

Summer Scorcher: Demon Hunter turns up heat with intimate show in Nashville

By Rosie Walker

July 14th 2017, The End, Nashville TN: On the west side of Nashville, Tennessee rests one of the city’s most treasured dive bars. The End is a small-scale venue that carters to a variety of promising rock and punk bands. Its regulars appreciate the place with its no-frills, no-flash vibe. The building looks like it hasn’t been updated in over 20 years and that’s the way the devoted attendees like it. Rich with history, the place has become a relic and a home to those in need of some heavy music. The End only sells beer and your shoes might stick to the floor, but it just adds more character to this Nashville staple. Over the years this bar has hosted a lot of legendary bands and this past Friday night was no different. The line wrapped around the small venue with eager fans ready to catch Demon Hunter’s first gig of the year. Continue reading “Summer Scorcher: Demon Hunter turns up heat with intimate show in Nashville”

Photo Gallery: Metal Assault Night Vol. 7 @ The Viper Room

Photos by Robert De Anda and Matt Nielson

July 13th 2017, The Viper Room, West Hollywood CA: The 7th of our series of ‘Metal Assault Night’ events at The Viper Room unfolded last Thursday, and it was one for the history books! Los Angeles horror punk/metal legends Haunted Garage, fronted by Dukey Flyswatter of B-horror movie fame, made their first appearance on the Sunset Strip in over 22 years, and brought down the packed house with one of the most insane performances ever seen on this stage, complete with costumes, stage props, dancers and performers to add to the band’s excellent musicianship and Dukey Flyswatter’s charismatic persona. They were well supported by three fantastic bands, Void Vator, D.V.T. and Obsidian. We had not one but two photographers in attendance. If you were there, relive the moments through these photos, and if you weren’t, get a taste of what you missed out on. Check out the images below: Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Metal Assault Night Vol. 7 @ The Viper Room”

Mutoid Monday: Mutoid Man Raises the Roof in Downtown LA

By Andrew Bansal
(photos by Matt Nielson)

July 10th 2017, The Resident, Los Angeles CA: In 2017, planet earth is deeply fond of nostalgia, specially in the realm of music. More and more music lovers are not only seeking out age-old albums but listening to them on vinyl and cassettes. Very seldom does new music get listeners universally and unanimously excited. Enter Brooklyn, New York rock/metal/mathcore power trio Mutoid Man, with their second full-length ‘War Moans’, which does just that. The band, featuring Steve Brodsky (Cave In), Ben Koller (Converge) and Nick Cageao, released the album in June 2017 and embarked on a North American tour with Sargent House label mates Helms Alee. ‘War Moans’ has blown away anyone and everyone who has taken the time to listen to it, and this Mutoid Man tour has been an eagerly anticipated one everywhere across North America. On the second leg of the tour, the band arrived in Los Angeles for a gig at the Resident last Monday, and took no prisoners in putting on one of the most insanely entertaining live shows one would ever get to witness. Continue reading “Mutoid Monday: Mutoid Man Raises the Roof in Downtown LA”

Photo Gallery: Lord Dying, Yidhra, Raise the Guns & Ironaut @ Bootleg Bar

Photos by C. Jones

July 9th 2017, Bootleg Bar, Los Angeles CA: As part of their three-show “limited engagement” Southern California mini-tour, Portland, Oregon sludge stalwarts Lord Dying performed at the Bootleg Bar in LA last Sunday, along with local support acts Yidhra, Raise the Guns and Ironaut. Our photographer C. Jones was in attendance to document the show for us with his images. Check them out below: Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Lord Dying, Yidhra, Raise the Guns & Ironaut @ Bootleg Bar”