Photo Gallery: Metal Assault Matinee Vol. 2 @ Silverlake Lounge

Photos by Matt Nielson

August 12th 2017, Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles CA: Volume 2 of our Metal Assault Matinee series of events at the Silverlake Lounge took place yesterday, a show we were extremely excited about, ever since the lineup was set in stone. Four excellent bands rocked the stage and blew us away. The show began with two fantastic stoner rock power trios, Brilliant Machine (Ventura) and Disastroid (San Francisco), then things changed completely with the mega-theatrical and hypnotizing act of Orange County extreme metal outfit Morbid Eclipse, and the evening came to a close with LA’s finest metal band, Void Vator. Thanks to everyone who came out in support, as we’re absolutely sure you did not regret doing so. Relive the event or get a visual taste of what you missed out on if you weren’t there, through our man Matt Nielson’s images here, and mark your calendars for the next Metal Assault Matinee at Silverlake Lounge, Saturday September 23rd!

Brilliant Machine photos:

Disastroid photos:

Morbid Eclipse photos:

Void Vator photos:

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