Photo Gallery: Metal Assault Night Vol. 7 @ The Viper Room

Photos by Robert De Anda and Matt Nielson

July 13th 2017, The Viper Room, West Hollywood CA: The 7th of our series of ‘Metal Assault Night’ events at The Viper Room unfolded last Thursday, and it was one for the history books! Los Angeles horror punk/metal legends Haunted Garage, fronted by Dukey Flyswatter of B-horror movie fame, made their first appearance on the Sunset Strip in over 22 years, and brought down the packed house with one of the most insane performances ever seen on this stage, complete with costumes, stage props, dancers and performers to add to the band’s excellent musicianship and Dukey Flyswatter’s charismatic persona. They were well supported by three fantastic bands, Void Vator, D.V.T. and Obsidian. We had not one but two photographers in attendance. If you were there, relive the moments through these photos, and if you weren’t, get a taste of what you missed out on. Check out the images below:

DVT photos (by Matt Nielson):

Void Vator photos (by Robert De Anda and Matt Nielson):

Haunted Garage photos (by Matt Nielson and Robert De Anda):

Obsidian photos(by Robert De Anda):

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