Godflesh Headlines The Fonda

Review by Darshun
[Photos by Matt Nielson] 

April 22nd 2014, Fonda Theatre, Hollywood CA: Following the postponement of their US tour originally scheduled for September-October last year, British industrial metal veterans Godflesh announced the rescheduled dates and were finally at able to make it here, to play a headline show at the Fonda Theatre in the heart of Hollywood with opening acts Cut Hands. House Of Low Culture and La Fin Absolute Du Monde. Our writer Darshun and photographer Matt Nielson were on-site to cover the show for us. 

There was a bit of confusion upon seeing the billing when I thought La Fin Du Monde (Chico, CA) was playing as La Fin Absolute Du Monde (San Francisco, CA).  When the curtain opened I realized I erred and found that it was a two-piece band consisting of Jason and Chicky Myles. Jason played guitar and did back-ups and growls while Chicky played keyboards with a backing drum track. Jason was a bit wanky on the guitar and seemed like he would have fit a metalcore band. The music sort of fit the dark mood of the night but was executed half-assed in regards to the guitar-playing. The music sounded like it was unfinished.

- La Fin Absolute Du Monde singer Chicky Myles

House of Low Culture features the wife and husband team of Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer) and Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer. Their set began in waves of a crescendo noise storm consisting of electronics. Both were armed with guitars but in minimalistic fashion. Faith was operating electronics of some sort with gentle and meticulous hands while Aaron began strumming the guitar. Soon after, Aaron was going full throttle with the same riff but in a frantic head banging mode. When the final climax of the riff ended, Faith was still operating electronic instruments and then began arpeggiating a few notes that built to a reverse crescendo to end their demonstration in drone.

- House Of Low Culture

Cut Hands was experimental electronic music and was definitely not EDM. Basically this was an exercise in a DJ pressing play to make sounds with the aid of a laptop. I was not impressed and William Bennett’s set was just making fans antsy for Godflesh. His 45-minute set of course added more to the lateness of the show setting Godflesh at the 10:50 PM mark. In my opinion he was playing the wrong show at the wrong time.

Finally, Godflesh went on to crush skulls with the aid of programmed drums, G.C. Green on bass, and Justin Broadrick on guitar and vocals. In the beginning of the set, Justin started with a 7-string guitar and laid out the law with his riffs. This set washed out and cleansed the evening with industrialized metal, which was what the doctor ordered.  Honestly, I was a late bloomer on Godflesh and got into them after discovering Jesu in the mid 2000’s. I knew of Godflesh back in the Headbanger’s Ball days, but never sank in until the present. It was glorious to witness Justin play these tunes once more. Due to the lateness of the set, I left at the hour and fifteen-minute mark of the set and missed the last 30 minutes of Godflesh. A bit disappointing but glad to have witnessed what I did see rather than missing it entirely.

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Set List:
01. Like Rats
02. Christbait Rising
03. Streetcleaner
04. Tiny Tears
05. Avalanche Master Song
06. Spite
07. Mothra
08. Monotremata
09. Bigot
10. Pure
11. Crush My Soul

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