Bandcamp Donating 100% of Today’s Proceeds to ACLU

Bandcamp, the online platform hosting the music of countless metal bands from all over the world (as well as our podcast), has a public service announcement for you, in the light of current events. They are donating 100 percent of their share of all purchases made throughout today, Friday February 3rd 2017, to the American Civil Liberties Union, to show their support for “immigrants and basic human values”.

Their full statement, as well as a list of albums made by artists from the countries affected by the travel ban, can be viewed here. Since Bandcamp’s announcement, over 400 bands and labels have volunteered to donate their proceeds to the ACLU and other organizations. You can see that list here. If this is a cause you’re inclined to get involved in, whether as a band, label or a fan, now is your chance to show support to Bandcamp, while enjoying great music!

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