Teutonic Terror Attack Tears Through Hollywood

By Avinash Mittur

September 26th 2012, The Avalon, Hollywood CA: For most fans, Kreator or Accept alone are reason enough to go out and pay good money for a night of German heavy metal. For the last few weeks though, the two titans have joined forces for the “Teutonic Terror Attack” tour and have been slaying audiences all across North America. I managed to catch their stop in Hollywood at the Avalon, and was treated to full night of absolutely top-notch heavy metal from the German veterans. Though I’ve seen both bands before, I was more than happy to come out to Hollywood on a Wednesday night to catch the two play headlining sets for scores of rabid Southern California metalheads. Continue reading “Teutonic Terror Attack Tears Through Hollywood”

Korpiklaani Brings ‘Manala’ Tour To Hollywood

By Tyler Crooks

September 12th 2012, Whisky A-Go-Go, Hollywood CA: The air was electric at the world famous Whisky-A-Go-Go as Tyr, Moonsorrow and Korpiklaani were set to take the stage. The Whisky was filled to capacity and despite the police-like search that the security staff meted out on everyone who tried to enter the venue, the fans were in good spirits and ready to party. The first band up was Helsott, a band straight out of California.  I unfortunately missed most of their set, but what I did hear was pretty great. They’re definitely a band worth checking out. The next band up was Metsatöll, from Estonia. I had never heard of them before seeing them, and I have to say, they were absolutely phenomenal. Their use of native folk instruments was quite a treat and their stage presence was intense. I really loved how they interacted with the crowd and made everyone feel like they were a part of something big with their genuine crowd appreciation; true showmen. While the music was great, the sound at the Whisky was abhorrent and everything kind of ran together after a while. Still; they definitely made their mark on the crowd. Continue reading “Korpiklaani Brings ‘Manala’ Tour To Hollywood”

AC/DShe, Hell Fire and Space Vacation: An Unforgettable Celebration Of Bay Area Heavy Metal

By Avinash Mittur

September 14th 2012, Slim’s, San Francisco CA: This summer I’ve been spending my time up in my high school home, the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been able to attend a huge amount of shows up here. They’ve ranged from sold out amphitheaters to empty rehearsal spaces, but every one of them has been an occasion that I do not regret taking part in. Last Friday night I saw my last Bay Area show of the summer at Slim’s- my all-time favorite venue. On the bill were AC/DShe, Hell Fire, and Space Vacation: all three acts hail from San Francisco, and all three delivered spectacular sets. For me, this concert was a perfect goodbye to my beloved Bay Area. For everyone else, this was nothing less than a amazing Friday night in San Francisco. Continue reading “AC/DShe, Hell Fire and Space Vacation: An Unforgettable Celebration Of Bay Area Heavy Metal”

Anthrax, Testament & Death Angel Begin 3rd Leg Of North American Tour In Sacramento

By Jason Coldiron

September 14th 2012, Ace Of Spades, Sacramento CA: A sold out crowd lined up for blocks around Sacramento’s Ace of Spades. A couple of thousand die-hard metal fans lined up for a ridiculously great metal lineup consisting of Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel. With tickets sold out weeks prior, many fans walked up and down the row trying to get anyone to sell them an extra ticket. There were no takers, as no fan in this line was about to give up their tickets at any price. The distraught metalheads without tickets were left to ponder their disgrace at the show they would miss. After a long wait in line, 6:30 finally arrived. The doors opened and the fans began to stream in. The Ace of Spades is not a huge venue that can support many thousand guests, but a smaller place with a maximum capacity around two thousand people. While making for an intimate show, this lineup was meant for arenas way the hell bigger than this one. As the night progressed, the size of the venue, unfortunately, took away a lot from the show. Continue reading “Anthrax, Testament & Death Angel Begin 3rd Leg Of North American Tour In Sacramento”

Epic Kings & Idols Tour Brings Doom And Shenanigans To San Francisco

By Avinash Mittur

September 6th 2012, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA: For the past week, Katatonia, The Devin Townsend Project, Paradise Lost and Stolen Babies have been touring North America. I managed to catch this “Epic Kings and Idols Tour” at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco last Friday night, and I was given an enjoyable night of heavy music in exchange for my twenty four dollars. I hadn’t heard any of these bands’ music before tonight, so I also looked forward to finding some new styles of metal to check out. This show wasn’t necessarily a mind-blowing experience, but it was a fun way to spend my Friday night and a great introduction to a few amazingly talented artists. Continue reading “Epic Kings & Idols Tour Brings Doom And Shenanigans To San Francisco”

Slaughter By The Water Rips The Bay Apart Once Again

By Avinash Mittur

August 25th 2012, USS Hornet CV-12, San Francisco CA: To say that I have merely “been looking forward” to this year’s edition of Slaughter By the Water would be a massive understatement. Despite being only in its third year, the festival is now one of the Bay Area’s largest heavy metal events and this was finally going to be my first time attending the show. Not to mention, the festival featured a ton of acts that I was extremely excited to see, from local favorites Fog of War to the legendary Exodus. After spending a full day at the Summer Slaughter show the day before, I was ready to finally listen to some classic death metal and thrash from the bands who did it best. By the end of the night, I felt that the show was a success, although it was certainly not without it’s fair share of issues. That being said, I would be more than happy to attend this festival again next year, and I can easily chalk the entire experience up as a highlight among the many shows I’ve attended this summer.  Continue reading “Slaughter By The Water Rips The Bay Apart Once Again”