Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders & Monuments Perform At The Mayan

Review & photos by Andrew Bansal, video by Matt Nielson

December 16th 2014, The Mayan, Los Angeles CA: Devin Townsend, the most eccentric musical personality Canada has ever produced, has enjoyed a highly prolific year of creativity in 2014, and is currently approaching the end of his ‘Abstract Reality’ North American co-headline tour with Los Angeles instrumental prog trio Animals As Leaders, along with UK-based Monuments as the opening act. The trifecta reached Los Angeles for a gig at the Mayan Theatre downtown. The event promised to bring together three diverse interpretations of modern progressive music, by three artists at very different stages of their respective careers. Continue reading

Socionic & Elixir On Mute Perform At Molly Malone’s

Review & photos by Andrew Bansal

Matthew Denis - Socionic, Elixir On Mute, Vette

December 13th 2014, Molly Malone’s, Los Angeles CA: Los Angeles’ very own purveyors of progressive, forward-thinking music, Socionic took the stage at Molly Malone’s on the westside of town, along with experimental shred/funk trio Elixir On Mute and a slew of local acts last Saturday. Having witnessed the impressive talents of these two groups on others stages earlier in the year and with both writing and recording new music in the interim, it promised to be different experience on this occasion as they would play newer tunes in their sets and display the development they’ve undergone as songwriters and performers during this period. Besides, getting to attend a gig at this venue for the first time in four years raised the anticipation level further. Continue reading

Vile Descent Plays Showcase Event At Exhibit A Art Gallery

Review & photos by Andrew Bansal

December 13th 2014, Exhibit A Gallery, Los Angeles CA: South-central LA-based heavy metal band Vile Descent began as an entity this year. Led by Kevin Angel (ex-Malignant) and Lerry Ortega (ex-Scythe), Vile Descent brings together not only the musical styles of those bands but also the trials and tribulations faced by these individuals over the years of toiling hard in the local underground scene. They played their first gig at the Airliner in May, made a solid first impression on a decent turnout, and have been active ever since. All of their early efforts have culminated towards ending their first year as a band with an invite-only showcase at the Exhibit A Gallery, located in West LA. Continue reading

Local Thrashers Light Up Friday Night At Loaded Hollywood

Review by Andrew Bansal, photos by Jerry Averill

December 12th, Loaded Rock Bar, Hollywood CA: Even with the year of 2014 coming to an end and the holiday season imminent, there’s no stoppage of live heavy music at Hollywood’s Loaded bar. Last Friday December 12, the venue witnessed the congregation of some of Los Angeles’ most exuberant, hardest working bands, put together by prolific local promoter Lara Gladstone. Featuring Brain Dead, Madrost, Tormenter, Ascendancy, Lethal Dossage and Sons Of Eli, the lineup for the gig undoubtedly carried a predominantly thrash vibe to it, and in the present-day scarcity of listenable bands in that particular genre, this event promised to reaffirm thrash fans’ faith. A healthy turnout comprising Friday night Hollywood regulars as well as supporters of all of these bands from elsewhere in the Los Angeles/Orange County area was expected. Continue reading

Black Cobra, Wolvhammer, Ancient Altar & Arachnigod Perform At Complex

Review by Darshun, photo & video by Matt Nielson

December 11th 2014, Complex, Glendale, CA: San Francisco doom/sludge duo Black Cobra just concluded a ten-day US West Coast tour with support act Wolvhammer, including a Los Angeles area gig on Thursday December 11 at one of the most favored spots for underground music, Complex in Glendale. Ancient Altar and Arachnigod provided local support at this event put together by the local conglomerate comprising three great establishments Church Of The 8th Day, Thee Static Age and The Elegy Ensemble. Our writer Darshun was in attendance along with the man behind the camera Matt Nielson to capture the action for us through images and words. Continue reading

Opeth, In Flames & Red Fang Perform At Hollywood Palladium

Review by Andrew Bansal, photos by Carsten Steinhausen 

December 9th 2014, The Palladium, Hollywood CA: Both hailing from Sweden but pursuing musical styles at completely opposite ends of the spectrum and having journeyed through widely different career paths, Opeth and In Flames are currently on the ‘Communion Of Sirens’ North American co-headline tour, with Red Fang as opening act. They arrived in Los Angeles for a gig at the Hollywood Palladium last night. Bringing together two very diverse sets of fans under this giant roof, Opeth and In Flames were limited to playing 75 minutes each, and had a point of prove in front of their own and each other’s devoted fans. For the Los Angeles faithful, it was an eagerly awaited event and the prospect of seeing how these bands put their best foot forward within their allotted times was enticing. Continue reading