Cannabis Corpse Gets Echoplex Baked

Review & photos by Andrew Bansal

December 8th 2014, The Echoplex, Los Angeles CA: Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Cannabis Corpse are currently on a mission to spread their message of marijuana-themed death metal through a US headline tour along with support acts Mammoth Grinder and Inanimate Existence. Founded 15 years ago by Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan) and his brother Josh ‘Hallhammer’ Hall, Cannabis Corpse released their third studio album ‘From Wisdom To Baked’ earlier this year on Season Of Mist, comprising a set of death metal tunes with typically hilarious titles and lyrics. A week into the tour, the three bands arrived at the Echoplex in Los Angeles for a gig that was presented and promoted by local establishment DoLA and also included black thrash marauders Witchaven as local openers. Unlike Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse is the kind of band that enjoys more of a cult following, but there’s no denying that their fans are equally dedicated, and showed up in decent numbers, all in readiness with the whole range of paraphernalia appropriate for this occasion. Continue reading

Behold! The Monolith, The Scimitar & Deathkings Play At Loaded Hollywood

Review & photos by Andrew Bansal

December 7th 2014, Loaded Rock Bar, Hollywood CA: Los Angeles stoner doom stalwarts Behold! The Monolith opened a new chapter in their life earlier this year, transforming to a four-piece lineup fronted by Jordan Nalley on vocals, with Jason Casanova on bass and original members Matt Price (guitar) and Chase Manhattan (drums) still soldiering on strong. Behold put forth a devastating performance at Loaded Rock Bar in the heart of Hollywood in September, and returned to the scene of the crime last night along with fellow Los Angeles doomsters Deathkings and touring Boston MA trio The Scimitar to treat Hollywood regulars and doom diehards to a heavy Sunday. Continue reading

Down, Orange Goblin, B’last & King Parrot Conquer Los Angeles

Review & photos by Andrew Bansal

December 6th 2014, The Wiltern, Los Angeles CA: New Orleans sludgelords Down began a US headline tour on the 1st of December, aptly titled ‘The Punk Rock But Kinda Not’ tour, with Down and main support Orange Goblin bringing the stoner/sludge to the American masses and opening acts B’last and King Parrot blending in with the punk. The lineup looked absolutely stellar on paper, and it remained to be seen whether it lived up to its potential in reality. Down were on a mission to give fans one hell of a good time with a few tunes off of their two latest EPs and a selection of older material to go with it. Five days into the tour, Down and company descended upon downtown Los Angeles for a gig at the Wiltern last evening. The last time I saw Down was at this very venue in 2009, with Melvins, Weedeater and Danava. Down comprised a much different cast of members back then, and I was most looking forward to discovering whether the current version of the band would match up to the powerhouse that was their old lineup. Continue reading

Pallbearer Headlines The Roxy

Review & photos by Andrew Bansal

December 5th 2014, The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood CA: Based on the strength of their tremendously successful sophomore effort ‘Foundations Of Burden’ which was released by Profound Lore Records earlier this year, Little Rock, Arkansas quartet Pallbearer have been perhaps the strongest rising force in the world of doom metal of late. As expected, they embarked on a non-stop run of tours straight after the August release of the album, and are currently in the first week of a headline North America tour with support acts Solstafir and Mortals. The three-pronged package visited Los Angeles for a gig at a nearly sold-out Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, and having never seen any of these bands live prior to this event, I was more than psyched to be in attendance, to discover whether Pallbearer’s music has the same impact in a live environment and what Solstafir and Mortals brought to the table as openers. Continue reading

Slayer Plays Sold-Out Show At The Forum In Los Angeles

Review by Avinash Mittur
[Photos by Brad Worsham]

November 14th 2014, The Forum, Los Angeles CA: The modern day renaissance of thrash metal continues to amaze me. Somehow, nearly every one of the genre’s best bands are not only kicking around today, but are on the top of their game when it comes to the all-important live show. Three titans of thrash made their way to a sold-out LA Forum last Friday evening – the originators Exodus, Venice’s favorite skate-rats Suicidal Tendencies and the institution simply known as Slayer. Continue reading

‘Death To All’ Puts On Heavy Tribute In Los Angeles

By Jason Williams

November 14th 2014, Club Nokia, Los Angeles CA: Chuck Schuldiner. The name resonates a vast variety of emotions in metal fans. Professional, soulful, brutal, memorable, inspiring, and legendary. These are only some of the descriptions that hailed Chuck throughout his career, and especially afterwards. Two years ago, Chuck’s best friend and then manager formed the Death To All group, a tribute of Death’s music featuring former members of the band, as well as a charity to musicians with disability and financial problems. This Club Nokia gig were to be the third time this group has performed in Los Angeles, and with an old-school death metal support lineup consisting of Obituary and Massacre, fans came out to this event for another special tribute to celebrate Schuldiner’s incredible and monumental legacy. Continue reading