Venomous Maximus to release New Album ‘No Warning’ on July 28

Houston, Texas based metal band Venomous Maximus has announced their third full-length album ‘No Warning’, set to be released July 28 via Shadow Kingdom Records. Their latest album ‘Firewalker’ emerged in 2015 as one of the finest metal releases of that year, is still in rotation on our playlists, and ‘No Warning’ promises to be a strong follow-up as the band continues to delve deeper into their musical inspirations and draw from life on the road to fuel their creativity. The new album was recorded at Portland, Oregon’s Falcon Studios and produced by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind. Says vocalist/guitarist Gregg Higgins:

“Our new LP, ‘No Warning’ points a magnifying glass directly towards this band’s biggest strengths. The guts of these songs were formed during many weeks on the road with our friends in High on Fire and Pallbearer are a razor-sharp representation of what this band does best. Prepare for riff after riff on top of riffs.”

‘No Warning’ track listing:
01. I
02. Spellbound
03. Pray for Me
04. Return of the Witch
05. All of My Dreams
06. II
07. No Warning
08. Blood for Blood
09. Endless
10. Sea of Sleep