Warning forced to Postpone US Tour due to Visa Delay

British doom metal group Warning has become yet another to suffer from a delayed US visa process, and as a result, have been forced to postpone their US West Coast shows which were scheduled for June 10, 15 and 17 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle respectively. Warning started out in ’94 and called it quits in 2009, but reunited in 2017 for an appearance on this year’s Roadburn festival to perform their 2006 album ‘Watching from a Distance’ in its entirety. They were supposed to carry on with this resurgence and bring it to the US for these three highly anticipated shows, but have had to change plans. Check out their official statement:

“We’re deeply disappointed to have to announce that we’re having to postpone our North America dates next month due to unforeseen delays with US immigration. We’re well aware that we’ve held off till the very last minute to announce this but we were hoping a resolution would be imminent; however, the ridiculous, Kafkaesque rigmarole of the US immigration system has done its best to impede progress and we’ve finally had to step back and abandon any hope of meeting our deadline.

We’re intensely sorry to disappoint so many people but for what it’s worth please know that we’re planning on rescheduling shows for each of the West Coast dates for our planned October visit as well as adding a handful of other dates including the East Coast. Regarding our October tour and other appearances, further information will follow shortly. Thank you all for your understanding in this.”