EXHUMED Frontman Matt Harvey Added To Death To All Tour

EXHUMED frontman Matt Harvey has been added as a special guest lead vocalist to the all-star studded Death To All Tour 2012.  Matt Harvey will be joining drummers Gene Hoglan (Individual Thought Patterns/Symbolic) and Sean Reinert (Human), bassists Steve DiGiorgio (Human/Individual Thought Patterns) and Scott Clendenin (The Sound of Perseverance), guitarists Paul Masvidal (Human), Shannon Hamm (The Sound of Perseverance) and Bobby Koelble (Symbolic), and vocalist / label-mate Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn/Bereft.  

Harvey replaced Obscura vocalist Steffen Kummerer due to visa issues and had only 9 days to learn his entire set.  Matt Harvey elaborates on the opportunity:

“To say that I’m excited about hitting the stage with such amazing musicians would be a massive understatement. To say that I’m overwhelmed standing in Chuck’s spot singing his songs would be the understatement of the century. Phrases like “its an honor” get tossed around pretty casually, but taking part in this unique celebration is truly exhilirating, humbling and magical for me. Even though the name of the band is Death, this event is a celebration of Chuck’s life and the vitality and staying power of his work. To be able to share what Death’s music has meant to me this way is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I am incredibly grateful to have.”

Additionally, the concert organizers commented on Matt’s involvement:

“The guys in the band, as well as the organizers and crew want you to know Matt has been killing it! We are all very thankful for his efforts and talent, being able to pull this off on such short notice.”

***Remaining dates of Death to All Tour Tribute 2012***

June 26        Chicago, IL        House of Blues            Tickets
June 28        New York, NY        Irving Plaza              Tickets
June 30        Orlando, FL        The Beacham              Tickets