Rock N’ Roll at the Casino: Band-Licensed Slot Machines at a glance


The modern-day world of hard rock and heavy metal does not merely limit itself to album sales and concert tickets when it comes to revenue streams, but is also taking merchandising to newer and higher levels every passing day. One aspect that we want to discuss via this article is the advent and increasing abundance of slot machines at various Mr. Green-style casinos all around the world.

One band that immediately comes to mind, not surprisingly, is the king of merchandising, KISS. The slot machines, as pictured above, are a huge hit at casinos in Las Vegas and beyond. Guns N’ Roses also successfully launched their officially licensed slot machines recently, as did Motörhead, another band that has been capitalizing more and more on the merchandising front, specially after the death of iconic frontman and rock n’ roll legend Lemmy. Megadeth has a free online slot machine game which they launched in 2012. There are so many bands as big as the ones mentioned here that are certainly capable of doing the same. The point is, there is no limit to merchandising, and in this day and age where it’s hard to nearly impossible to sell albums, a band cannot be blamed for thinking outside the box and monetizing their brand. In addition to being a passion, a lifestyle and a religion, rock n’ roll is business, and you might as well come up with new ways to ensure that business is good.