2017 Mid-Year Recap: Best Albums (Staff Picks)

For the longest time, Metal Assault was mostly just one man’s opinion, but that is no longer the case, and in addition to the Editor’s Picks article for our 2017 mid-year recap of the best albums of the year so far, we give you our staff members’ picks as well. Here are the top 10 picks by our writers Lisa Burke, Ryan Falla, Rosie Walker, Jaide Alicia, Francisco Zamudio and Sebastian Vazquez. Sit back and discover some great new music released in 2017! Continue reading “2017 Mid-Year Recap: Best Albums (Staff Picks)”

2017 Mid-Year Recap: Best Albums (Editor’s Picks)

By Andrew Bansal

It is that time of the year again, time for our mid-year recap of the best album releases so far. Year after year it’s proven that great new music is easily accessible to those who want to give it a chance, and 2017 is no different, as we’ve already seen some fantastic releases in metal. As usual, the selection criteria for this list is full-length studio albums of all new material only (no EPs, live albums, compilations, reissues and re-releases). Without further ado, here are the editor’s picks for the top 20 albums released between January 1st and June 30th 2017. (Also check out our Staff Picks article). Continue reading “2017 Mid-Year Recap: Best Albums (Editor’s Picks)”

A Comprehensive Documentary: Third ‘Inside Metal’ Film recounts Rise of LA Thrash

By Andrew Bansal

Following two successful and critically acclaimed films ‘Pioneers of LA Hard Rock and Metal’ (2014) and ‘LA Metal Scene Explodes’ (2016), the ‘Inside Metal’ series of heavy metal documentaries continues with its third venture, this one also centered on the LA scene but focussing specifically on the thrash metal genre. ‘Rise of LA Thrash’ is set for release on DVD later this summer, and held its theatrical premiere at the Regency Valley Plaza 6 cineplex in North Hollywood last Monday June 19th. Producer, director and longtime Los Angeles based metal journalist Bob Nalbandian is the man behind the ‘Inside Metal’ series, having conducted countless interviews with prominent and relevant personalities, and with the help of his editors, presenting them as 3-hour movies. Nalbandian and his crew, along with guests from the industry attended the premiere, and what everyone witnessed through the film is perhaps the most comprehensive and honest documentation of the rise of LA thrash, throwing light on the early ’80s Los Angeles thrash movement in a manner like never before, and bringing recognition to the city of Los Angeles which has never received the credit it deserves for a movement that spawned several generations of metal. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Documentary: Third ‘Inside Metal’ Film recounts Rise of LA Thrash”

A Metal Journey like No Other: Sepultura tell their story of ‘Endurance’

By Andrew Bansal

Heroes in Brazil and very much an international phenomenon in the realm of heavy metal, Sepultura celebrated their 30-year anniversary in 2015, but their ethos is far from that of a nostalgia act, and instead they focus on creating and performing competent new music. That said, the story of their formation, early years, success, inter-personal conflicts and perseverance is a long and unique one, and hadn’t quite been told, until now. The band is officially releasing a documentary film, rightly titled ‘Endurance’,  to tell this story through the vision of director Otavio Juliano. On May 21 2017, the film held its world premiere at the Regent in downtown Los Angeles, in the presence of the band and film crew, who also participated in a Q&A session following the screening. Fans, friends and media gathered for first viewing of what is not just the story of a heavy metal band, but beyond that, an inspiring film that carries the entire gamut of human emotion. Continue reading “A Metal Journey like No Other: Sepultura tell their story of ‘Endurance’”

The Weird Hobbies of Your Favorite Musicians

It is certain that there are millions of music enthusiasts around the world. It never gets old, as many people love all kinds of genres of music whether new or old. Apart from music, one is bound to have a favorite musician or two in their lifetime. In most towns, you will see live performances from the iconic artists giving a treat to their loyal fans. The night life in such a setting blazes the glittering streets and theatres where everyone shows up to give a standing ovation to their celebrated idol. It represents the same thrill as playing video slots online for a change. Those musicians also have a life away from singing their hearts out. The following are some of the strange hobbies music artists engage in when they are not making hits. Continue reading “The Weird Hobbies of Your Favorite Musicians”