A Metal Journey like No Other: Sepultura tell their story of ‘Endurance’

By Andrew Bansal

Heroes in Brazil and very much an international phenomenon in the realm of heavy metal, Sepultura celebrated their 30-year anniversary in 2015, but their ethos is far from that of a nostalgia act, and instead they focus on creating and performing competent new music. That said, the story of their formation, early years, success, inter-personal conflicts and perseverance is a long and unique one, and hadn’t quite been told, until now. The band is officially releasing a documentary film, rightly titled ‘Endurance’,  to tell this story through the vision of director Otavio Juliano. On May 21 2017, the film held its world premiere at the Regent in downtown Los Angeles, in the presence of the band and film crew, who also participated in a Q&A session following the screening. Fans, friends and media gathered for first viewing of what is not just the story of a heavy metal band, but beyond that, an inspiring film that carries the entire gamut of human emotion. Continue reading “A Metal Journey like No Other: Sepultura tell their story of ‘Endurance’”

The Weird Hobbies of Your Favorite Musicians

It is certain that there are millions of music enthusiasts around the world. It never gets old, as many people love all kinds of genres of music whether new or old. Apart from music, one is bound to have a favorite musician or two in their lifetime. In most towns, you will see live performances from the iconic artists giving a treat to their loyal fans. The night life in such a setting blazes the glittering streets and theatres where everyone shows up to give a standing ovation to their celebrated idol. It represents the same thrill as playing video slots online for a change. Those musicians also have a life away from singing their hearts out. The following are some of the strange hobbies music artists engage in when they are not making hits.

Rodger Daltrey, Farming Trout

As an icon and legend in the music industry, Daltrey is also a Trout farmer. He has a large pond in his backyard where he farms trout. As a lover of music, he also considers his trout as part of the family.

Alex James, Making Cheese

Apart from singing, Alex James wears many hats. He is also a journalist and a songwriter.

When you think of cheese, you better mention Alex James in that sentence as he is also a cheese maker. His love for cheese is personal as he does it in his huge mansion. With such a hobby from a successful musician, wonders will really never cease.

Ronnie Wood, Collecting Stamps

The Rolling Stones member is no stranger to the limelight. He has had a successful career as a rock artist and also loves to collect stamps when not on stage. His love for collecting stamps can almost be matched with that of being a rock star. One of his favourite stamp collections is that of the Benjamin Franklin Z Grill, which he values the most.

Kelly Deal, Knitting

If you are a 90s person, then you definitely know Kelly Deal. She has kept a solo career as a music artist before joining the Breeders as a guitarist. When she is on stage, she would rock her unique homemade sweater, with the label, ‘I am not Kim’. Kim is her twin sister and thus the writings on it as many people confuse the two of them. What you may not know is that the sweaters she wears, she makes them.

Nick Zinner, Photography

You would not expect to find a rock band guitarist who is also good with a camera. Nick Zinner does it all. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead guitarist loves to tell his story in photos. He does this when he is not busy doing his thing in the band. Together with the band, they have released multiple hit songs, which include the Golden Lion, Maps and Heads Will Roll among others.

The hobbies of a majority of your favourite musicians might be something that you would not have thought of. Well, aren’t they also humans?

Mütter Of All Spectacles: ‘Rammstein: Paris’ Shows Why Concert Films are Still Relevant

By Andrew Bansal

In an age of hi-resolution cellphone cameras and low-quality YouTube uploads, the production of elaborate, professionally shot concert films has decreased quite noticeably, as concert-going humans can now not only record and upload their own personal concert videos but can also easily broadcast them live to their own audience at the tap of a touch screen. Understandably, lesser number of bands are investing in full-on concert films, and many in the heavy metal realm simply purchase footage from music festivals and release them as is without adding any perspectives or flavors unique to the band. Enter Rammstein. Following their previous four concert films ‘Live aus Berlin’ (1999), ‘Lichtspielhaus’ (2003), ‘Völkerball’ (2006) and ‘Rammstein in Amerika’ (2015), the German industrial metal group is back with another breathtakingly spectacular video project. ‘Rammstein: Paris’ is set for release on DVD, CD and Blu-Ray via Spinefarm Records on May 19th, and opened to theatrical screenings worldwide this week, as the first Los Angeles screening was held at the Downtown Independent last night, Thursday March 23rd. Continue reading “Mütter Of All Spectacles: ‘Rammstein: Paris’ Shows Why Concert Films are Still Relevant”

Let Fallen Legends Rest in Peace: Thoughts on the Dio Hologram & Posthumous Exploitation in Metal

By Andrew Bansal

As the Ronnie James Dio hologram prepares to make its U.S. debut at the Pollstar Awards at the Novo in downtown Los Angeles tonight, I ponder the poignance of this moment. The Dio hologram first debuted at last year’s Wacken Open Air festival, where the Dio Disciples (the tribute band featuring members of the Dio band) played the music while the hologram appeared to replicate the great man’s signature stage moves and “sing” pre-recorded vocal tracks. Its introduction in the U.S. was rather inevitable, and long before tonight’s debut, there have been talks of the hologram-fronted band going on tour. In this article, I intend to express my thoughts on the extent and validity of posthumous exploitation in our beloved genre, and how it should be perceived from the fans’ perspective. Continue reading “Let Fallen Legends Rest in Peace: Thoughts on the Dio Hologram & Posthumous Exploitation in Metal”

An Honest, Accurate Summary of the NAMM Experience

By Andrew Bansal

Another NAMM in the books. My first NAMM experience since 2014, fifth overall, and most certainly the last. Yes, the 2017 edition of this convention finally pushed me past the tipping point in a manner that not only made me question and regret the decision to attend, but convinced me to never attempt to enter the Anaheim Convention Center during a NAMM weekend. Taking all perspectives into consideration, here’s an accurate summary of what a typical NAMM experience is like, and why you should not bother attending, if you haven’t done so yet. Continue reading “An Honest, Accurate Summary of the NAMM Experience”