No Class: Five Reasons Why The Lemmy Statue At The Rainbow Is Terrible

By Andrew Bansal

Photo by Lisa Burke

Photo by Lisa Burke

While hundreds of Angelenos lined up outside the Rainbow Bar & Grill to witness and celebrate the unveiling of the unofficial Lemmy Kilmister statue on August 24th 2016, perhaps many people not only missed the bigger picture but also showed that they, in fact, did not know about or care for the great man’s true character. I had my reservations about the very thought behind it from day one, and looking at the statue in all its glory (or lack of), all my fears were realized. For those unaware of the back story, soon after the passing of Lemmy on December 28th 2015, certain individuals started canvassing for a life-size Lemmy statue to be permanently placed in the confines of the legendary Motörhead frontman’s so-called favorite bar in West Hollywood. Money was raised via an independent campaign run on, a crowdfunding site mainly used by people to raise money for funerals and memorials. With $22,771 collected from fans and supporters, a local sculptor was assigned the task of making this statue. I have nothing against the individual(s) behind this initiative or the owners of the bar, who also own the Whisky, a place I frequent and have constantly supported. But, here are five reasons why I completely disagree with the idea of this statue as well as its eventual execution. Continue reading

Metal In The Desert: What To Expect From Next Month’s ‘Ozzfest Meets Knotfest’

By Lisa Burke


Festival time is upon us in the land of heavy metal, and one of the more popular and recently Americanized and localized festivals is Ozzfest. Originating in the mid-nineties and usually featuring the most popular heavy metal bands of the year in a variety of genres, one could find solace in the fact they got to witness their favorite bands all in one location. Ozzfest has returned once again in 2016 as a one-off show with their partners in crime Knotfest for a two-day festival at San Manuel Amphitheater and festival grounds in San Bernardino on Saturday September 24th and Sunday, September 25th. It also comes with a kick-off party only available to three-day camping pass holders on Friday September 23rd, featuring headliner Armored Saint, and support acts Havok, Exmortus, and Thrown Into Exile. Slipknot has been part of past Ozzfest lineups for a few years here and there until they branched out into their own brand of festival, Knotfest, which has seen a decent success rate in the last few years it has existed. Continue reading

Tour Diary: A Quest In The West With Gygax

By Andrew Bansal


Someone wise once said that whenever one door of opportunity closes, another opens. It is also said that everything happens for a reason. Both these principles are fully applying to my rock n’ roll tour life right at this moment. I was originally scheduled and committed to accompany Night Demon for the European tour this June and July, but couldn’t do so due to logistical difficulties. I was very much looking forward to spending some time at home in Lincoln Heights, but put the word out that I’d be open to touring with other bands while Night Demon is in Europe and before I join them for their summer U.S. tour. Continue reading

Tour Diary: Living In A Whirlwind – Part 1

By Andrew Bansal


After spending the best part of the last 15 months on the road with Ventura CA traditional heavy metal trio Night Demon as their all-in-one road crew (merchandiser, tour manager, lighting operator, on-stage mascot), I began the year of 2016 with a new chapter in a new environment, touring with young yet longstanding Los Angeles thrash tyrants Warbringer and selling merch for them as well as for Los Angeles neo-classical thrash kings Exmortus for two months across the USA. Warbringer and Exmortus embarked on this epic heavy metal journey, sharing stages with Swedish heavy metal warriors Enforcer and Canadian old-school metal perpetrators Cauldron, altogether forming a lineup that had all the makings of the absolute best heavy metal show of 2016, despite it coming through the States at the very beginning of the year. Purely as a fan, I would be in the front row at a Warbringer + Enforcer + Cauldron + Exmortus show, banging my head, raising my fist, singing the words and losing my mind from start to finish, but to get to see four of my favorite bands every night for an extensive run of dates and be a part of the operation is nothing short of surreal, a predicament I never ever imagined even in my wildest dreams. This tour diary comes as heavily delayed and much later than I would have ideally wanted to present it to you lovely readers, for several reasons including the sheer workload of working merch for two successful bands, and the mental and physical turmoil I suffered at the US/Canada border. Regardless, here is Part 1 of ‘Living In A Whirlwind’: Continue reading