Metalheads Set To Attend 43rd Annual World Series Of Poker

By James Guill

Every year, the World Series of Poker draws out poker players from all walks of life to the event.  Metalheads have been known to be huge fans of poker and a few of them always seem to be around Vegas when the WSOP Main Event kicks off.  Here are a couple of metalheads that will likely be in Vegas for the event this summer.

Anthrax lead guitarist Scott Ian is definitely one guy you will see at the World Series of Poker this summer.  Scott has been coming to the WSOP for years now, and has proven himself to be quite the player.  He took up the game in 2007 after winning VH1’s Rock Stars of Charity, and poker pros Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke began to coach him.

Soon, Ian proved his prowess and impressed online poker site UltimateBet. They decided to sign him as an online poker pro and he represented them at the WSOP until last year.  He hasn’t been able to break through with any major scores as of yet at the WSOP, but all it takes is one good run to become a legend in this event.

Another metalhead that has more than proven his poker metal at the WSOP is Godsmack’s Sully Erna.  Erna has been a regular participant at the WSOP for several seasons and surprised the poker world in 2006 when he made the money of the event, a feat that requires a player surviving multiple days of play and outlasting as many as 5,000 other players.

Erna was not done as he turned around in 2007 and cashed for the 2nd year in a row at the event. Cashing in the main event in back-to-back years in the current era of poker is something that is rarely done by professional poker players, so for someone that is not an established pro to do so is quite the achievement. It would not be surprising to see Erna make his 3rd Main Event cash this year and make yet another run for the bracelet.

A lot of poker players play the WSOP for the experience and others play for the thrill of competition.  Others still play for the chance to win up to $8 million for first place.  Regardless of their reasons for playing, Ian and Erna will join thousands this summer in the hopes of becoming rock stars in the game of poker.