2017 Mid-Year Recap: Best Albums (Staff Picks)

Francisco Zamudio’s Top 10

#10. Disbelief – The Symbol of Death: To me, this was an unfamiliar group that comes from Germany whose sound is a blend of death and doom. The production on this album accentuates their style very well. And with just over an hour and 13 tracks, there’s a lot to digest here. It was enough for me to get more familiar with them, a group that’s been existence for 20 years.

#9. Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension: Continuing in becoming the leading force in blackened thrash, this touring machine is as relentless on its albums as they are on the road.

#8. Body Count – Bloodlust: While pop artists continue to brainwash, you have a pop icon that still stays grounded and can cross barriers many others fear. Just as resilient and relative as they were back in the early ’90s, Body Count still proves to be a threat in real hardcore rap-metal, that doesn’t need to be watered down nor commercial like the others.

#7. Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With: Album title says it enough. When these guys write an album, you know what to expect. And somehow, they still manage to take their violent ways to another level. Their combination of groove, laced into their technical ability has always ripped my ear off.

#6. Sinister – Syncretism: This one flew in under the radar as they apparently have been maturing their sound a whole lot. Another veteran death metal band, and from the Netherlands – took it to a place I never knew they would explore, adding symphonies to their sound on this one, yet still rocking that old-school death metal sound.

#5. Immolation – Atonement: The definition of “epic”, these veterans are part of the great company of old-school death metal bands staying true, keeping it honest and never compromising. Their dedication to their sound is as loyal as their fans are to them.

#4. Hate – Tremendum: Haunting in name, and in their music. The blackened death metal monsters should not be overlooked, and stand shoulder to shoulder with their other Polish brothers. Even after overcoming tragedy, they channel their Hate into a beautiful aural tirade.

#3. Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated: With likely their best album to date, these death metal Veterans re-establish their name and come back hard with a well-produced album that captures their full brutal sound. A modern take on the classic old school death metal sound.

#2. Demonic Resurrection – Dashavatar: Prime example of some great music in the world of underground metal. It will be a crime if these guys don’t get more exposure off this concept album. Something different yet pure at its core, this album has something for every fan of metal.

#1. Benighted – Necrobreed: Face-peeling grind from France. This multi-faceted album is so heavy, I kept having moments catching myself smiling at all the smooth transitions into different styles and rhythms they took on their songs. And again, an example of foreign extreme metal that needs to be heard.

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