Review: E-Fire – Contradict (Single)

By Andrew Bansal

Portland, Oregon based solo noise rock act E-Fire recently released his debut single ‘Contradict’. This independent, self-produced single is heavily doused in modern rock / alt metal tonality and presents a fresh take with a blend of familiar sounds. Reviewing singles is not typical for us on this site, but this one caught our attention enough to garner a review. Continue reading “Review: E-Fire – Contradict (Single)”

Album Review: Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

By Rosie Walker

Australian band Ne Obliviscaris started back in 2003. Yet, many still consider them to be a new group since their first full-length album wasn’t released until 2012. This six-piece act from Melbourne has gained a lot of traction in the heavy metal scene and recently released their third record, ‘Urn’ (October 27 through Season of Mist). Their fans have high hopes for this new release, and were waiting in great anticipation to hear if this young metal band would take the helm of the difficult extreme/progressive genre and continue to grow in popularity. But after listening to this 46-minute record, the Ne Obliviscaris fan base might be a bit disappointed. Continue reading “Album Review: Ne Obliviscaris – Urn”

Orange County in Ruins after SoCal’s Heaviest Festival Thunders Through

Images & Words by Sebastian Vazquez

December 2nd 2017, Malone’s, Santa Ana CA: As a tribute, and as a commemorative way of paying respect to the underground metal scene in Southern California, Costa Mesa melodic death outfit Voices of Ruin showcased a hefty lineup of the finest  death metal acts the region has to offer. They collaborated efforts with ADHD Entertainment in putting this all together. Continue reading “Orange County in Ruins after SoCal’s Heaviest Festival Thunders Through”

Best Albums Of 2017

By Andrew Bansal

Once more round the sun we have traversed, as another year is about to end, and with that it’s time to look back at what 2017 has offered to the world of heavy music. Countless albums were released, some forgettable, some disappointing, some downright laughably bad. But as is the case every year, there were many great ones that stood out, with some longstanding bands proving they still have the creative fire burning within, while younger, newer bands also stood up to be counted. Without further ado, here are my picks for the best albums of 2017. Continue reading “Best Albums Of 2017”

Photo Gallery: Up The Irons, Systematic Chaos, Trendkill Revolution & Blaze The Thunder @ The Viper Room

Photos by Maurice Nunez

December 7th 2017, The Viper Room, West Hollywood CA: Last Thursday we hosted an event at the Viper Room which featured Up The Irons, Systematic Chaos and Trendkill Revolution (tributes to Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Pantera respectively), plus original opening act Blaze The Thunder. Through the 44 Metal Assault events that have taken place so far, we haven’t booked a whole lot of tribute bands, but we try to do something different every show, and this was our big tribute-themed night. To say that it was a good time for all involved, would be an understatement. All the bands ruled, and made for a fun Thursday evening on the ol’ Sunset Strip! In case you weren’t there, our man Maurice Nunez took these killer photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy them below: Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Up The Irons, Systematic Chaos, Trendkill Revolution & Blaze The Thunder @ The Viper Room”