Album Review: Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion

Canadian thrash outfit Black Wizard plays it hard and heavy with their music. Not just with songwriting and overall musicial formulation, but with themes and concepts that hit deeply. ‘Livin’ Oblivion’, the latest release from Black Wizard, focuses on themes of self-desecration and individual moral decay. On top of that, the darkly formulated thrash atmosphere paints the picture of the world slowly dripping off the canvas. Continue reading “Album Review: Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion”

Album Review: Ministry – AmeriKKKant

I still wonder at what point among my coming across this record did I realize ‘Amerikkkant’, the new release by industrial metal outfit Ministry, was oppressively terrible? Was it the hackneyed, edgy album title you’d see sketched in a 7th grader’s notebook among other, equally terrible album names? Was it the mediocre album cover featuring a boring, dystopian city backdropped over a face-palming Statue of Liberty? Was this album conceived by a 13-year old? Continue reading “Album Review: Ministry – AmeriKKKant”

Review: Not My Master – Disobey EP

Local Texas metal outfit Not My Master displays a strong sense of classic metal aggression while keeping a strong footing in the modern era with their brand new EP ‘Disobey’. A collection of seven tracks, including a Danzig cover, allows Not My Master to display their personal style of metal to much efficiency. Each track is powered by strong, mid-paced metal which uses moderate tempos to enhance the thickly laid, intensely driven guitar riffs. Continue reading “Review: Not My Master – Disobey EP”

Armored Saint to Perform ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ album in Entirety

Fans of Los Angeles classic metal legends Armored Saint are in for a very special treat this summer! The band will be performing their 1991 album ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ in its entirety in select North American markets, with Act Of Defiance as support act. Some shows will also be recorded for a live DVD. Check out the dates below: Continue reading “Armored Saint to Perform ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ album in Entirety”

An Unlikely Metal Mash-up: Elvis Metal Covers

When it comes to influences on heavy metal, speed and beyond, one name that few instantly think of is the king of rock ‘n roll himself, Elvis Presley. However, the unexpected was what Elvis excelled at. Indeed, Elvis has inspired artists in the music industry as unexpected as Eminem, who includes several references to him in the song “Without Me”, while Elvis’ tunes have been sampled to create numerous dance remixes over the years. Continue reading “An Unlikely Metal Mash-up: Elvis Metal Covers”