My Dying Bride: The Best Metal Band that You (Might) Have Never Heard Of

What groups come to mind when you think of doom and goth metal? Names such as Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Anathema are likely to be mentioned. However, we need to keep in mind that some of the most groundbreaking artists are those which have kept a relatively low profile over the years. One perfect example of this observation can be seen in My Dying Bride. Just what defines this massively influential group? What makes their music altogether different from their contemporaries? Let’s take a look at why you should make it a point to listen to their earlier work in order to appreciate just how far they have come.

A Unique Acoustic and Aesthetic Blend

Believe it or not, the roots of My Dying Bride can be traced as far back as 1990; long before the notion of doom metal could have been considered anywhere close to becoming mainstream. Since this time, the group has released no fewer than 13 albums, three EPs, one live album, and a handful of compilations. 

Perhaps the single factor which serves to define My Dying Bride is their use of classical instrumentation alongside traditional heavy metal sounds. This lends their music an eerie and even immortal tone. While there are still many heavy riffs, the fact of the matter is that the group has somehow found to transcend traditional sounds in order to invent something entirely unique. While their music is not likely to be featured within any online casino soundtracks, there is no doubt that it holds a very real appeal within a niche market.

More Than Riffs and Notes

While the talent of My Dying Bride cannot be denied, it should also be mentioned that their music is also somewhat philosophical in nature; often brooding about lost love, pain and isolation. This is why it makes perfect sense that their songs attracted so many listeners before grunge really began to take off in the early 1990s. These observations can be perfectly illustrated in what is thought to be their most famous album. Released in 1993, Turn Loose the Swans became an instant hit. Still famed for its haunting cover illustrations as well as its piano solos, this album is said to have influenced countless other artists. In fact, some believe that more well-known groups such as Type O Negative were directly impacted by the unique direction of My Dying Bride.

The good news is that the band is still touring on a regular basis. The Ghost of Orion is their latest release and it contains many of the same acoustic undertones which defined the band over the years. Although My Dying Bride is not as prolific as some other artists (many of their earlier albums contained only a few tracks), the fact that it takes a significant amount of time for a new release signifies that a great deal of thought is put into their work.

If you have not yet listened to My Dying Bride, make it a point to check out their hits when you have the chance.