Photo Gallery: Disastroid, The Drama, BigPig & Goliathan @ Redwood Bar

Photos by Robert De Anda

November 9th 2017, Redwood Bar, Los Angeles CA: Last Thursday, Metal Assault ventured to downtown LA for its first event at one of the best intimate venues in the city, the Redwood Bar. The lineup featured the return of one of our Northern California favorites, the heavy trio Disastroid, along with local rock n’ roll stalwarts The Drama, plus two of LA’s finest new bands, ear-shattering duo BigPig (featuring Dino Von Lalli of Fatson Jetson) and instrumental stoner doom quartet Goliathan. It was a great night for all involved, and our man Robert De Anda was in attendance to capture some stills for us. Enjoy photos of The Drama, BigPig and Goliathan below (header image is of Disastroid), and keep tabs on the Metal Assault Events page for all of our upcoming activities!

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