Testing Your Metal: Canadian Powerhouses Unleash The Archers & Striker shred Costa Mesa

September 13 2018, Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa CA: Two of the finest Canadian bands to have emerged in the last ten years, Unleash The Archers from Vancouver and Striker from Edmonton, joined forces for a North American tour this September-October, along with Helion Prime from Sacramento CA as the opening act. The tour arrived in Orange County for a gig at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa last Thursday September 13, with local openers Sorizon and Gus McArthur also on the bill. Our writer Erik E. Wrath as well as photographer Jeff Lovin were in attendance. Check out their coverage below: Continue reading “Testing Your Metal: Canadian Powerhouses Unleash The Archers & Striker shred Costa Mesa”

Power Metal Heaven: Helloween Turns Back the Clock with Epic 3-Hour Old-School Set

September 8 2018, The Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA: The world of hard rock and heavy metal has witnessed quite a number of high-profile reunions and comebacks in recent years, but none more exciting and unexpected than this one. In November 2016, German power metal legends Helloween announced that they would be joined by iconic members Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen for the “Pumpkins United” world tour, which would still feature all the existing members of the present-day lineup of the band, and would travel across the globe to perform an evening-with set that can be deemed “epic” in the true sense of the word. Starting in 2017, the tour finally arrived in the United States last week, and visited Los Angeles to be greeted by a packed house at the Hollywood Palladium. For metalheads, the magnitude of this event is so massive that it is hard to put in words, and only upon attending a Helloween show on this tour would you realize that this is the biggest, most unprecedented heavy metal show to have graced any stage in a long, long time. The excitement and anticipation among Helloween’s Los Angeles faithful was palpable, and the actual concert exceeded all expectations beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Continue reading “Power Metal Heaven: Helloween Turns Back the Clock with Epic 3-Hour Old-School Set”

Operation Successful: Geoff Tate celebrates 30 years of ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ with Flawless Rendition of Entire Album

August 19 2018, The Rose, Pasadena CA: No opinion is fact, but Operation: Mindcrime is, without any doubt, one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time. 30 years ago, Seattle, Washington’s progressive / traditional metal band Queensrÿche took the music world by storm with their third full-length album, a concept-based magnum opus of the class and calibre this genre has seldom produced. Guitarists Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton lent a hand in the songwriting, but Operation: Mindcrime has always been regarded as singer Geoff Tate’s brainchild, from the story behind the concept, to the lyrics, to a large portion of the music. So, when Tate parted ways with Queensrÿche in a well-documented split in 2012, the agreement was that Tate would gain exclusive rights to perform this album in its entirety, while the rest of the group got rights to the Queensÿche name, and it only made sense. Since then, Tate has released music and played shows under the moniker “Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime”, and this year, he took his band on tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic record. In all honesty, his 25th anniversary tour of the same album five years ago did not exactly set the world alight, so it remained to be seen whether the 2018 incarnation of Tate and his band would fare any better. The tour arrived at the Rose in Pasadena last Sunday August 19, to perform in front of an unusual setup and an enthusiastic audience. Continue reading “Operation Successful: Geoff Tate celebrates 30 years of ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ with Flawless Rendition of Entire Album”

Photo Gallery: Metal Monday Vol. 3 feat. Bitch, Heavy Justice, Tzimani & Worldwide Panic

August 20 2018, The Slidebar, Fullerton CA: Last Monday, Metal Assault hosted Volume 3 of our monthly Metal Monday series at the Slidebar in Fullerton. It’s a lineup we were extremely excited about, and as it turned out, this is a show we’re very proud to have put on at this world class venue, the real home of Metal Mondays in Southern California. We had the legendary ’80s LA heavy metal band Bitch featuring living metal goddess Betsy Weiss, who proved that she is still in top form, putting forth a fantastic exhibition of heavy metal singing and showmanship, bringing plenty of her signature sleaze, much to the delight of adoring fans. Main support act Heavy Justice packed and rocked the house with their brand of no-bullshit thrash. San Diego hard rock/heavy metal two-piece Tzimani impressed first-timers with an enjoyable set of guitar shred and melodic hooks. And opening act Worldwide Panic were thoroughly entertaining in their half hour on stage, blending groove metal and comedy to good effect. If you missed it, you should be cursing yourself, but, our man Matt Nielson was in attendance to capture some epic shots to give you an idea of what you missed. Check out his photos below, follow these bands on the interwebs, visit our Events page to see what we have coming up, and if you’re local/close to the area, definitely mark your calendars for our next Metal Monday at the same venue, a very special Volume 4 on September 17! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Metal Monday Vol. 3 feat. Bitch, Heavy Justice, Tzimani & Worldwide Panic”

The Saint Marches On: Armored Saint raises roof at Sold-Out Hometown Show with ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ & more

August 18 2018, The Regent, Los Angeles CA: When one talks of Los Angeles’ contribution to the world of heavy metal over the years, it is often the glam and thrash genres that take center stage in that discussion. But the real and original Los Angeles metal scene lied somewhere in between, and got lost in the shuffle because the bands representing it stayed true to their authentic sound and did not cater to either the glam or thrash scenes. One such band, Armored Saint, formed in 1982 and is still going, perhaps stronger than they’ve ever been, still releasing great new music and doing full justice to their legacy through scintillating live performances. This year, they decided to perform their ’91 album Symbol Of Salvation in its entirety on tour, and ended the run in their hometown, with an unforgettable sold-out show at the Regent in downtown Los Angeles last Saturday. Continue reading “The Saint Marches On: Armored Saint raises roof at Sold-Out Hometown Show with ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ & more”

Masters of Mosh Destruction: Ghoul annihilates downtown Los Angeles

August 11 2018, 1720, Los Angeles CA: With the ever-changing heavy metal scene in Los Angeles, venues disappear and new ones arise, and in 2018 the downtown area seems to be where it’s at for the extreme metal genres to thrive. On Saturday, August 11 at one of LA’s newest venues, the 1720, Oakland based thrash maniacs Ghoul made a stop along their headlining tour “Weapons Of Mosh Destruction 4” with support from Skullcrack and War Bison along with local opening act Countime. As far as a well put together tour package goes this one definitely succeeded in that regard as all the bands worked together almost too well in terms of very similar genre but still keeping their own signature sounds. Continue reading “Masters of Mosh Destruction: Ghoul annihilates downtown Los Angeles”

Photo Gallery: Warforged, Apotheon, Event Horizon & Discarnate Motions @ 5 Star Bar

August 13 2018, 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles CA: Last Monday, Metal Assault had the immense pleasure and fortune of hosting the touring package of Warforged (Chicago IL) and Apotheon (Denver CO) at our favorite spot in downtown LA, the 5 Star Bar. The bill was supported by local bands Event Horizon and Discarnate Motions, and it altogether promised to be a great evening of progressive death metal. All the bands delivered the goods beyond our expectations, and it was pleasant to notice an excellent turnout for the event. But most importantly, everyone who played and attended the show had a great time from start to finish, and for us there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing good music bring joy to the masses. If you attended this show, you won’t forget it in a hurry, and if you didn’t, you missed a good one! But, our photographer was on site to capture some stills to give you a visual recap of what transpired. Enjoy the images below, and make sure to give all the bands a listen and follow. Also, check out our event listings to see which of our upcoming shows might interest you! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Warforged, Apotheon, Event Horizon & Discarnate Motions @ 5 Star Bar”

Shock Rock Spectacle: Alice Cooper thrills Los Angeles with Paranormal Evening

August 12 2018, Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA: Even in the year 2018, there is a vast plethora of classic hard rock and heavy metal bands of the ’70s and ’80s, still playing shows around the world. In all honesty, most of them have become a caricature of their own past glory days and make for terrible live acts in the present day, milking their hits to the absolute last drop. But there is a handful of classic bands that are still at the peak of their powers. Last Sunday at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, we experienced both ends of this spectrum. Continue reading “Shock Rock Spectacle: Alice Cooper thrills Los Angeles with Paranormal Evening”

Photo Gallery: Fronterizo Fest 2 feat. Scorpions, Megadeth & more

April 27-29 2018, Estadio Caliente, Tijuana, Mexico: The 2nd edition of the Fronterizo Fest took things to a whole another level as compared to its inaugural event in 2017. The 2018 lineup featured Scorpions, Megadeth, Gojira, Mastodon, Suicidal Tendencies, Sepultura and many others, bringing a power-packed weekend of heavy music to the residents of Tijuana. Our man Chris McFly was in attendance to photograph as many bands as he possibly could. Enjoy his photos below, and keep supporting this killer new festival so that it only gets bigger in the years to come! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Fronterizo Fest 2 feat. Scorpions, Megadeth & more”

Raining Blood Over Irvine: Slayer sells out Orange County show on Final Tour

May 11th, 2018, FivePoint Amphitheater Irvine, CA: After 37 long years, 12 studio albums, roughly 3000 concerts worldwide, two Grammy awards, and a plethora of other accolades to their name, legendary titans of thrash metal Slayer are finally calling it quits. Months after first being reported back in January of this year, the day has come for Slayer to play their final farewell tour alongside some of the best supporting acts one could hope for: Testament, Behemoth, Anthrax, and Lamb of God. All of these bands are household names within the metal community and have led highly successful headlining tours of their own, so to have such amazing bands be openers is truly a testament (no pun intended) to Slayer’s legacy as not only one of the “Big 4” bands of thrash metal but by and far the most aggressive and visceral of those bands. Last Friday’s show at the FivePoint Amphitheater, a sold-out one with 12,000 metalheads of all ages and walks of life in attendance, only illustrates that point even further. Continue reading “Raining Blood Over Irvine: Slayer sells out Orange County show on Final Tour”