Motörhead ‘Aftershock’ Listening Party @ The Rainbow, West Hollywood CA, 10/18/13

By Brad Worsham

October 18th 2013, The Rainbow, West Hollywood CA: Days before the official Oct 22nd release of MOTÖRHEAD’s new album, 100 lucky fans were escorted up the stairs of the world famous Rainbow Bar & Grill for an early preview of “Aftershock”.  Fans made the trip from San Diego, Fresno, and even came from as far away as Norway to hear the heavy hitting album that is sure to satisfy any MOTÖRHEAD fan and sure to win them new fans as well.  The 14 new songs are laden with the heavy grooves and vocals you expect from metal mainstays MOTÖRHEAD.

“Aftershock” track listing:
01. Heartbreaker
02. Coup De Grace
03. Lost Woman Blues
04. End Of Time
05. Do You Believe
06. Death Machine
07. Dust And Glass
08. Going To Mexico
09. Silence When You Speak To Me
10. Crying Shame
11. Queen Of The Damned
12. Knife
13. Keep Your Powder Dry
14. Paralyzed

The evening’s host, Metal DJ Will from KNAC spun the 14 new tracks twice for the listeners, as well as premiered the first video from the album, “Heartbreaker”. Noticeably missing due to his recent health issues but never one to disappoint his fans, Lemmy made a brief “appearance” via phone.  If the free pizza provided by Rainbow Bar & Grill was not enough, most fans walked away with a copy of “Aftershock “ or a MOTÖRHEAD t-shirt.  The Sunset Strip is still the home of heavy metal.

Check out a photo gallery from the event below: