Album Review: White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive

By Sebastian Vazquez

White Wizzard, the banner band of the NWOTHM underground revival, has released its fourth studio effort, ‘Infernal Overdrive’, amidst much anticipation and excitement. If you aren’t familiar with White Wizzard, the band finds inspiration from the classic heavy metal colorations that were prominent in the 1980s, notably that of pioneers Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc. What they have been able to accomplish over the last decade is quality tracks for those who choose to swim with the underground revival of traditional heavy metal, who also enjoy the likes of Night Demon, Cauldron, Enforcer, High Spirits, Skull Fist and Sumerlands. Their recent production values have elevated the band’s mainstay sound of twin guitar leads, extended solo breaks, and the high pitched wailing and singing which we have grown to love, thanks to the forefathers Dio, Dickinson, and Halford. Continue reading “Album Review: White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive”

Album Review: Anvil – Pounding The Pavement

By Andrew Bansal

The 1980s gave birth to a vast plethora of heavy metal bands. The genre was at the height of its popularity in that decade, and as a result, new bands were popping up everywhere. Not many of them survived after the initial wave, and fast forward to 2018, only a few can legitimately claim to have had a successful career throughout. But, while there is no shortage of mediocre bands clinging onto their long-gone glory days and extracting every possible ounce of cash from diehard fans with their half-baked reunions and sub-par albums, no single band can claim to be as consistently bad as Anvil. Formed in 1981, this band, for reasons unfathomable, has been able to release 16 full-length studio albums, and is on the verge of releasing the 17th. With bated breath and no positive expectations, I pressed ‘play’ on ‘Pounding The Pavement’, and I seriously wish I hadn’t. Continue reading “Album Review: Anvil – Pounding The Pavement”

Review: Sinoptik – Standalone Syndrome (Single)

By Andrew Bansal

Based out of Kiev, Ukraine, Sinoptik is a relatively new group of musicians spreading the gospel of stoner / psych / hard rock. After having already made a name for themselves from winning battle-of-the-bands competitions in Ukraine, Europe and beyond, and sharing the stage in their homeland with some household names in the world of heavy music, Sinoptik recently released their newest single ‘Standalone Syndrome’ in an effort to further their mission of rock n’ roll domination, and it’s not a bad one at that. Continue reading “Review: Sinoptik – Standalone Syndrome (Single)”

Review: E-Fire – Contradict (Single)

By Andrew Bansal

Portland, Oregon based solo noise rock act E-Fire recently released his debut single ‘Contradict’. This independent, self-produced single is heavily doused in modern rock / alt metal tonality and presents a fresh take with a blend of familiar sounds. Reviewing singles is not typical for us on this site, but this one caught our attention enough to garner a review. Continue reading “Review: E-Fire – Contradict (Single)”

Album Review: Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

By Rosie Walker

Australian band Ne Obliviscaris started back in 2003. Yet, many still consider them to be a new group since their first full-length album wasn’t released until 2012. This six-piece act from Melbourne has gained a lot of traction in the heavy metal scene and recently released their third record, ‘Urn’ (October 27 through Season of Mist). Their fans have high hopes for this new release, and were waiting in great anticipation to hear if this young metal band would take the helm of the difficult extreme/progressive genre and continue to grow in popularity. But after listening to this 46-minute record, the Ne Obliviscaris fan base might be a bit disappointed. Continue reading “Album Review: Ne Obliviscaris – Urn”

Album Review: Witchery – I Am Legion

By Francisco Zamudio

Breaking through two decades is not an easy task by any means for any band. We wish some would cash in their check and get lost, versus those short-lived great bands that only put out a couple of albums every handful of years and are never heard from again. Then you have some that had spread their seed over time, leaving an impression that needs to be filled. The whole time not realizing how much your fans are craving your unique sound, and a sound you helped develop since the late ’90s. And since then, one of the lesser known groups (I feel), Witchery have helped carve and pushed their way through with a blackened sound bleeding over the thrash and speed metal style. All while maintaining their sound, they have still evolved with the times and nearly managed to keep its lineup intact. Witchery’s longstanding trinity consists of bassist Sharlee D’Angelo, guitarists Rikard Rimfält and Jensen. Now they return with sophomores Angus Norder on vocals and Chris Barkensjö on drums. And in doing so, breaking tradition of releasing an album every handful of years, having just released the year-old ‘In His Infernal Majesty’s Service’, Witchery havenow  unleashed only their 7th full-length album to date, ‘I Am Legion’. Continue reading “Album Review: Witchery – I Am Legion”

Album Review: Kadavar – Rough Times

By Ryan Falla

Esteemed German rock trio Kadavar brings us another fascinating musical package with their new album ‘Rough Times’. Kadavar has never been a band to put themselves in a musical hole. Constant reinvention and experimentation with writing techniques keeps this band on top, and their newest release encapsulates the idea that Kadavar exists to avoid musical stagnation. Continue reading “Album Review: Kadavar – Rough Times”

Review: Scour – Red EP

By Francisco Zamudio

A barrage of modern black metal goodness, is how I’d describe the latest outlet by the collective supergroup known as Scour, featuring . Much of the grindcore style from some of the members’ respective groups are apparent in this 6-track EP known as ‘Red’. There’s also a much darker and haunting sound captured here. Dare I describe it as blackened grindcore, these five guys have melded something scary here that I believe will hold up with even some of the purists of elitists in the black metal fanbase. You have the high-end clean guitar sound and blistering blast-beats, blended with lots of atmospheric qualities making it sound haunting. Even though a lot of the riffs are repeated over and over again, the 16 minutes of the EP hold your attention with those same face-peeling riffs carrying through the songs, along with the added dynamic of the drums and vocals, which are seriously quite impressive here. We’ve never really had a serious peek into this extreme side in Phil Anselmo’s style. It is definitely something worth noting and gives you something you didn’t (or maybe you did) know you wanted. Continue reading “Review: Scour – Red EP”

Album Review: Forgotten Tomb – We Owe You Nothing

By Ryan Falla

Italian black/sludge metal trio Forgotten Tomb brings us their 9th studio album, ‘We Owe You Nothing’, to add to a long-lived and consistent discography of fifteen years. Inside the package of this album is a brevity of thick, skull-pounding riffage and darkly engrossing atmosphere. This record is overwhelmingly powerful, almost abusive in how heavy it beats you over the head with concrete sludge. Continue reading “Album Review: Forgotten Tomb – We Owe You Nothing”