Album Review: Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All, Vol. 3

By Ryan Falla

Nick Oliveri is the former bassist of desert rock bands Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. He’s since embarked on a solo journey recording with a multitude of artists and compiling them into volumes, the third of which we’re discussing today. N.O Hits At All – Vol.3 doesn’t stray too far from the desert rock style, and fans of Kyuss and desert rock alike should find plenty of material to enjoy with this record. Continue reading “Album Review: Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All, Vol. 3”

Album Review: Iron Monkey – 9-13

By Ryan Falla

Being groovy may not be the first instinct upon extreme sludge musicians, yet with Iron Monkey’s new record ‘9-13’, a heavy focus is placed upon groove elements; a tone that gives immediate distinction to Iron Monkey. ‘9-13’ follows the steps of bands like Pantera and places an emphasis on grooving out before they apply their brutality. Given that groove is the core of good music, Iron Monkey is already off to a great start on this album, their first in nearly two decades. Continue reading “Album Review: Iron Monkey – 9-13”

Album Review: Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate

By Rosie Walker

Just over a decade ago, the band Savage Messiah launched out of London and has been climbing up the popularity ladder rather quickly. Young, hungry, and eager, this quartet has the means to make a dent in the heavy metal scene. Drawing international recognition with their 2014 record, ‘The Fateful Dark’, for its refreshing creativity and honest heavy metal anthems, folks have been anticipating what these British metalheads would come up with next. On October 27, they released their fourth album,’Hands Of Fate’, and it is one of the biggest new release letdowns of 2017. Continue reading “Album Review: Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate”

Album Review: In Search Of Sun – Virgin Funk Mother

By Rosie Walker

London, The Old Smoke, is one of the world’s leading cities for the arts and culture. To be a band and get noticed in this cosmopolitan capitol is no easy task. The young act, In Search Of Sun, is tactfully showing everyone how it’s done. Their alternative, progressive, vibe is resonating and peaking curiosity in the rock scene. The success of their 2014 debut album, ‘The World Is Yours’, has led them to a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records. This determined group, with the help of their very successful Kickstarter campaign, is ready to release their second album, ‘Virgin Funk Mother’, on November 3rd. Continue reading “Album Review: In Search Of Sun – Virgin Funk Mother”

Album Review: Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

By Francisco Zamudio

Longevity is an admirable quality almost lost in today’s music (and when we say “music” here on Metal Assault, 99.9% of the time we’re talking solely about rock and metal). Many factors contribute and affect a band, let alone a musician’s livelihood. To be able to say a band has survived and established a healthy career, one that allows you to live off of and for a span of 30 years – that speaks volumes. Dedication is also an admirable characteristic. The loyal death metal fanbase, “cvlt” or not, stays dedicated to this specific underground genre. Few underground bands can say they have reached mainstream status in a world where remaining “underground” is a badge of honor. Of those few, Cannibal Corpse has helped set the bar for what a successful death metal band can be. Now on their 14th full length release, CC is set to beat you with that bar that is ‘Red Before Black’, out November 3rd on Metal Blade. Continue reading “Album Review: Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black”

Album Review: Jason Kui – Absence of Words

By Ryan Falla

Jason Kui is a Hong Kong based virtuoso guitarist and product of inspirations spanning from John Petrucci to Eddie Van Halen. With his debut solo record, ‘Absence of Words’ finally coming to America, we get to experience the culmination of many dreams finally come true. Jason Kui has spent much of his young career as a session guitarist both live and in studio, in fact he just finished a 100+ date tour as the lead guitarist for a popular Hong Kong based act. Continue reading “Album Review: Jason Kui – Absence of Words”

Album Review: Trivium – The Sin and The Sentence

By Rosie Walker

Trivium was just a handful of high school students when they started out nearly 20 years ago. Having released seven full-length albums since then, this Florida-based band has made a pretty big name for themselves. They are considered to be one of the more noteworthy acts to come out of the new wave of American heavy metal movement. The fact that they are still evolving as a band shows their bravery, hard work ethic, and exploratory spirit. As they prepared to unleash their newest creation, ‘The Sin and the Sentence’, many waited in high anticipation. This eighth studio album which came out today, October 20, through Roadrunner Records, might have some of their fans in for a surprise. Continue reading “Album Review: Trivium – The Sin and The Sentence”

Album Review: Antisect – The Rising of the Lights

By Ryan Falla

Some bands never go out of style, even bands that have been disbanded for over twenty years. Anarcho-punk band Antisect was founded in 1983 and, despite disbanding within a decade, has come back in full force with their new record ‘The Rising of the Lights’. Even though it’s been exactly thirty years since their last record release, Antisect has come back harder and stronger than ever. Not only is this as gritty as punk can get, Antisect intentionally subverts the norm of aged punk musicians milking their old form for the sake of relevancy. Continue reading “Album Review: Antisect – The Rising of the Lights”

Album Review: The Kennedy Veil – Imperium

By Rosie Walker

Hungry and uncompromising, the young death metal band The Kennedy Veil is stepping up the modern metal game. In 2009, out of Northern California, four fellas founded this group and have made a point to be heard. With just two full-length albums under their belt, these guys are still bright eyed and bushy tailed. Proving their worth by the success of their records and from touring with legends like Exhumed and Cattle Decapitation, the scene is ready to hear what’s next. On October 20, the band will be releasing their third album, ‘Imperium’, through Unique Leader Records. Continue reading “Album Review: The Kennedy Veil – Imperium”