Review: E-Fire – Contradict (Single)

By Andrew Bansal

Portland, Oregon based solo noise rock act E-Fire recently released his debut single ‘Contradict’. This independent, self-produced single is heavily doused in modern rock / alt metal tonality and presents a fresh take with a blend of familiar sounds. Reviewing singles is not typical for us on this site, but this one caught our attention enough to garner a review.

The sound and feel of E-Fire’s ‘Contradict’ is instantly reminiscent of the likes of Tool and Nine Inch Nails, and its antagonistic vibe also brings in a touch of Rage Against The Machine. The guitar tone is fuzzy, and the overall instrumentation follows a multi-layered approach, exploring a range of sonic elements including even a bit of electronic music which fits well in the decidedly modern rock aura.

Whether or not it could be appropriately deemed “noise” is subjective and truly up to personal preference, but ‘Contradict’ is certainly a mood-setter and taps into a niché. One song is perhaps not enough to paint a complete picture of E-Fire’s musical persona, but it sure is a fair indicator of what to expect from him in the near future. This single is by all means a promising, ear-catching debut.

Rating: 7/10

E-Fire links: facebook | twitter | instagram

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