Review: Scour – Red EP

By Francisco Zamudio

A barrage of modern black metal goodness, is how I’d describe the latest outlet by the collective supergroup known as Scour, featuring . Much of the grindcore style from some of the members’ respective groups are apparent in this 6-track EP known as ‘Red’. There’s also a much darker and haunting sound captured here. Dare I describe it as blackened grindcore, these five guys have melded something scary here that I believe will hold up with even some of the purists of elitists in the black metal fanbase. You have the high-end clean guitar sound and blistering blast-beats, blended with lots of atmospheric qualities making it sound haunting. Even though a lot of the riffs are repeated over and over again, the 16 minutes of the EP hold your attention with those same face-peeling riffs carrying through the songs, along with the added dynamic of the drums and vocals, which are seriously quite impressive here. We’ve never really had a serious peek into this extreme side in Phil Anselmo’s style. It is definitely something worth noting and gives you something you didn’t (or maybe you did) know you wanted.

Allow me to point out the obvious attraction many will have to this group who is on their second EP release, the previous being ‘Grey’. No strangers to the extreme, you have the Jarvis brothers, Adam and John who kill it with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Misery Index and Pig Destroyer. Derek Engemann from vegan influencers Cattle Decapitation, Chase Fraser formerly of Animosity and Decrepit Birth. And of course, “the kid” Phil Anselmo of Down, Superjoint and Pantera.

Although some of the repetitive music may seem tiring to some, it’s almost an essential staple in a lot of black metal as it attributes to the dark and broody style. Not to mention the various other factors in the magnetism black metal has. Make no mistake that ‘Red’ is a legitimately good release that had you not known who was involved, I believe word of mouth would have spread and caught people’s attention simply based on the sound. Scour is a good example of the very few new and current groups successfully encompassing a traditional sound with the help of modern times and technology.

Rating: 8/10

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Record Label: Housecore
Release Date: November 3rd 2017

Track Listing:
1. Red (2:32)
2. Piles (2:23)
3. Bleak (2:49)
4. Barricade (2:13)
5. Sentenced (2:48)
6. Shank (2:56)

Total Duration: 15:41

Scour links: website | facebook | twitter | instagram