Tengger Cavalry Will Charge Forth With New Album

By Jenny Ovalle (Ugh Metal)

2017 keeps getting better for the Nomadic metallers! A few months after signing with M-Theory Audio Records, Tengger Cavalry will release their first album as a signed band, titled ‘Die On My Ride’ on June 2nd 2017.

“This album reaches a more personal place for us. We discuss personal struggle surrounding identity conflicts, racial discrimination and individual freedoms.” said frontman Nature Ganganbaigal in the record labels official website. “Musically, I intentionally tried to incorporate more clean vocal choruses, semitones and western minor scales, rather than stick just within our traditional Mongolian folk style. We also incorporated piano to add a more emotional element to the songs.”

Ganganbaigal produced the upcoming album himself, and piling on to the band’s list of firsts, this will be their first record available in vinyl. Tengger Cavalry will announce dates for their North American tour supporting this album in the following weeks and will be conquering Europe, one music festival at a time this summer. ‘Die On My Ride’ is now available for pre-order on their bandcamp for the digital format or for those that want to physically hold this baby, M-Theory Audio’s website is the place to go. Check out their title track ‘Die On My Ride’ down below, which debut on April 20, 2017 and get ready to battle!

‘Die On My Ride’ track listing:
1. Snow
2. Die On My Ride
3. Independence Day
4. To The Sky
5. Prayer
6. Strike
7. Ashley
8. Cursed
9. The Frontline
10. The Choice Of My Mind
11. Me Against Me
12. We Will Survive (Bonus)
13. Burn (Bonus)
14. Blade Of Time (Bonus)

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